Cycling Vietnam


Just wondering if anyone else has booked onto this trip? I am very excited about seeing Vietnam and am on countdown already even though it is 2 months away :-)


Don't worry Natalie, you're not on this trip alone. Infact, this tour is due to go full with 18 passengers in total. It looks like a good group, with a mix of couples and lots of solo travellers (10 solo travellers infact). Hopefully, a few more of your fellow travellers will find their way to this thread closer to departure.

In the 12 years I've been at Exodus, Cycling Vietnam has been one of those tours that always seems to get great feedback and runs year after year. Have a great time.


Hi Natalie,I'm going to join you, just for the ride, I can't wait to get the suitcase out. I'm in the older section so looking for every help up the hils and definitely at the back into the wind, It's always fascinating meeting the different characters of the group. Anyway , I'm looking forward to the trip, Lycra already laidout and legs shaved. Lets have a agreat time. roger


Hi Roger,

Good to hear from a fellow traveller! I can't believe that it is next week I can't wait! We have a big group so I am sure there will be plenty of encouragement to get us all up the hills :-)

See you next week! Natalie


Hi Natalie, if you look at the messages of the group that has just left, never tobe seen again, you might pick up some helpful tips. My son is keeping me company, well he is my domestique, as they are called in the Tour de France always fetching you food and drinks, mending your punctures. 

This trip is going to be great fun ,all the way, haven't you started packing yet ?  roger



Hi. Natalie, if you look at the previous party that left last week, never to be seen again, you might pick up somehelpful tips. My son is accompanying me, he's to be my domestique, as they are refered to in the Tour de France, always running around fetching you food and water, mending your punctures.

This trip is going to be great fun , that is if you like fish and rice, only joking. Haven't you started packing yet?  not sure what to pack, do you think the dinner suit will be necessary? roger


Hi Guys,

 I'm all booked up for cycling Vietnam as well, can't wait, not long now. I'm currently debating what to bring I know i'll bring too much (as always)! At least I dont have to bring my own bike.



Hi katie, I'm having the same problem, which ties to bring, and will my tux get all crumpled. I'm not sure which matching luggage set to bring, it's all such a trauma and the holiday hasn't even started. Been out training this morning ,hellish strong winds but with 15 others around it's quite cosy. Saw a thread from last trip out , they had some rubbish weather, loads of rain and missed the train ride, make sure you bring a brolly, Seems like quite a quiet group, bet we wont be able to get a word in edgways when the party gets going. lets have a great time it's been a long tome coming. roger


Hi Roger,

Shame to hear the previous trip had some rough weather, fingers crossed for us eh? I've been out on the bike today as well, wouldn't exactly call it training though, you're right strong winds and cold weather. Perfect for riding round the streets of London, now if only I could have some rain!! Katie.


Hi katie, look in London you have every right to expect , cold,fog, rain and wind, but I live in SUNNY Spain, so cold , wind and rain, is certainly NOT on the agenda. I've paid my taxes afterall.      Still, I'm a man, well on some days, so can take the rough with the smooth, god forbid there are mountains in Vietnam, I'll be straight in that wagon, after the women and children of course. Well you sound a nice cheery person, looking forward to meeting you


Hi Katie,

Good to hear from another fellow traveller! Are you taking the group flight from London.

Roger, i have no idea what I am going to pack.. I always leave these things to the last minute! Checked the weather earlier and it seems to be picking up towards the end of the week so hopefully we will have more luck than the other group :-)


Hi All,

I'm also joining the Vietnam trip - my second with Exodus (did the Tanzania cycle safari in Feb) - and read the above reports of poor weather with foreboding having packed my sunglasses and sunscreen (little else as still trying to decide what to pack - no wonder the Edwardians travelled with large steamer trunks). 

Anyway having looked at the forecast for this week - wet & stormy but with temperatures in the 80s/30s (sorry, I still use old money for temperatures) - it should be wet and warm which tends to be what you would expect in this part of the world.

 Am travelling with the group flight so may meet people in the departure lounge for real (although based on my one trip to date none of us actually bumped into each other until arriving at Kilimanjaro airport, having all spent the flight trying to guess which of our fellow passengers were joining the group - don't think I got one right).

Look forward to meeting some of you on Saturday/Sunday - now where did I put those wellies...?



James Stevens


Hi Natalie and James,

 I am on the group flight out of Heathrow, Exodus have kindly sent me some of those luggage tags for life which I will be using so hopefully you might be able to spot me.

 Now I best be off to buy some more wet weather gear.....



Hi James, you know how to dampen our spirits, hope their forecasts are as unreliable as those for UK.

Look guys, in Spain, we don't do riding in the rain, cold or windy conditions ,it's a good habit,  so don't be surprised if you see me sitting next to the driver.

Well I'm nearly on my way, travelling from Spain on Wednesday, so this morning the iron has been out ,and dashed out for some more wet gear, better bring the wet suit.  

Yes we're out on the Heathrow Flight, we'll wear a lei if it helps, but they'll be time enough to get to know each other. That's always a great part of the holiday.

Hear that it's chilly over there, we're still in shorts and supping cold beer, Hot and wet some scenario, bring it on.


Hi James,
Just wanted to ask about your previous exodus trip. Other than your cycling clothes, helmet and gloves did you bring any multi tools, puncture repair kits etc.I'm probably overthinking it but just thought I'd ask,
Cheers Katie.


Hi Katie, Do not worry about your bike, these trips are fully supported by a crew of guys who will service your bike and keep your bike in good shape at all time. The back up bus carries a full supply of spares and tools needed. Regards Tom.


Hope you have a good trip, did the Thailand to Vietnam trip with Exodus and Tom a couple of years ago and was great fun. The backup is always excellent and will make you life a lot easier so you can just enjoy being there. If you get a chance, get Tom on the karaoke :)

Tom leave those poor cycle taxis in Saigon alone this time ;)

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