Cycling Vietnam


Just wondering who else is off to cycle Vietnam on 5/6th March.........drop me a line and say hello!



Hello Ade
I am in. Laszlo is my name, will join the group in Vietnam.

Hi, Laszlo

Glad you're coming along - looking forward to meeting you.  Me and my friend, Tim, will be making are own way out to Vietnam too.  You done one of these trips before?



been to Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia before but not Vietnam. First time w Exodus, so far I am happy with their customer service. you guys bring your own bikes? have been to Vietnam before?

I've done Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia before, but my first time in Vietnam.  Not bringing bikes - hiring through the company, but I might bring my own saddle as the guide suggests.

 I've done a trip with Exodus before - cycled around Cuba 2 years ago, which was superb.....the company are pretty good at organisation and customer service.  My top tip - definitely bring cycling gloves.....hands will be raw otherwise!


Just saying hi and looking forward to meeting all in Viet Nam


Hi All,

I just thought I'd log in and say hello!

Can't believe only three and bit weeks to go! I am very excited but a bit nervous as it's my first cycling holiday (although I have done some mountain biking) I spin a few times a weeks as well as circuit training but I hope my fitness is up to the challenge :-)

 Looking forward to meeting you all.



Hey, Claire

Nice to hear from - looking forward to meeting everyone soon! I did a cycling trip with exodus to Cuba a few years ago - if this one is anything like that we will have a great time. Are you travelling on Malaysian airlines to 'Nam?



Nice to hear from you. I'm envious you did the cuba trip - I went about six years ago (not cycling though).

I am indeed. Are you?






Hi Claire 

Nice to see a new name on the posts.  Know what you mean about trying to get the fitness up.  All of a sudden 3 weeks does not seem that long left :-(  See you at Heathrow as also doing the Malaysia flight



Yep, on the Malaysian flight with you and Tim. I'll look out for the tell tale luggage tags and say hello. Re the comment!



\hello folks.

Robb and I will be coming via Hong Kong. Something to do with a cheap flight deal and visiting my folks. Will get to HCMC in late afternoon on Vietnam Airlines.

I am doing a few triathlon events so the long distance cycling would be great training. I don't plan to be racing at all but forgive me if I appear too keen to cycle the "extras" and swim at every opportunity!

I have done Exodus Cape and the Winelands cycling trip a few years - it was a killer but the scenery was great. I hope this is going to be a bit more easy-going.

Robb on the other hand is at the opposite end of the fitness spectrum. You'll probably find me pushing him up the hills!




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