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Hi Folks

Is anyone else going on this trip or is it just me?? Couldn't see any forum threads yet and not long to go !!

Everyone got their visas? Anyone getting jabs or taking malaria tablets? Any other tips for this fab trip?



I've just returned from the Nov/Dec trip.  It is a strenuous journey, with many early morning starts and some serious cyclng, the downhills are exhilarating, going up challenging. Our weather was damp and windy so take adequate clothing. Also treat it as a holiday and not a race, stop and take photos, though others will be charging ahead, it's not the objective.Take a pack of cards to play on the train its not the greatest part of the holiday for me. Hope you have a great crowd, that makes all the difference,Lam is a great leader and you shoud speak perfect Vietnamese by the end of the trip.LOL. Have agreat time and merry christmas. trouty44


Thanks for the tips trouty44
I will definitely be treating it as a holiday. Looking forward to taking lots of photos.. and learning Vietnamese !

Hi Owen

Glad to see at least one other person is going on this trip. We've both had a couple of jabs but probably won't bother with malaria tablets. Got the visas surprisingly quickly via post once we'd eventually established the current cost from the embassy and located a post office that hasn't closed down yet to get the postal order. The weather sounds a bit indifferent - I didn't see "damp and windy" in the trip brochure! Looking forward to a complete change of scenery and no e-mail, internet, MSN, reality TV etc for two whole weeks. See you at the airport or on the plane - we're the ones that don't look like cyclists!

John & Eileen 



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