Cycling Vietnam

Hi there -  5 weeks to go before the adventure begins. Is anyone else booked on this trip? 

Jayne and Wayne


Hi Jayne & Wayne,

It's getting close ... finally! 



We're coming with you!  We have not travelled with Exodus before but were recommended by friends who have done this trip.  And recommendations/hints for the trip please shout!

It count down time &we look forward to meeting up with you.

Jan & Derek

Thanks for responding.  We've been on a couple of Exodus holidays before but never been to Vietnam, so really excited.

Look forward to meeting you in a few weeks!

Jayne and Wayne





This will be my first Exodus holiday.  I've done a couple of other vacations with Gap Adventures and really enjoyed them.

Is anyone bringing their own bikes? I decided to rent from Exodus.  Hopefully their bikes will be acceptable.

Also, is anyone alse planning on taking mararia medication?  I've received mixed opinions on whether or not it's necessary.



Hi Harry

We've always rented bikes from Exodus and they've always been decent bikes and very well maintained. 

We're also taking Malaria medication - it was recommended by our travel clinic. 

Jayne and Wayne 



hi all

We are renting exodus bikes but are taking our own saddles and derek is taking toe clips.

we have also been advised to take malaria medication by GP.

Have also exchanged £'s for Vietnemese Dong but will also be taking U.S $'s, anyone else doing anything different or been advised on better?

Looking forward to a couple of weeks time? does anyone know when we are going exactly?

 All the best, see you soon

Jan & Derek 



I'm coming on this trip with a friend from Australia. We are going to Cambodia first then joining you all in Saigon. I am not taking any anti malarials as my GP states the area's we are in are low risk and best to just avoid being bitten as Dengue fever etc also a risk. They lived in Vietnam for 1 yearand had no problems - so I hope they're right!

Does anyone have suggestions for mobile phone use - I'll have to keep in touch with my daughters



Thanks for the malaria info.  I will probably bring the medication, and decide when I get there whether or not I will take it.  I hear some people get sick from the medication.  The travel clinic also advised I get vaccinated for Japanese encephalitis, but the vaccine was over $500, so that may have been a cash-grab.  I read there have only been 40 cases among tourists in 40 years.

I plan on taking mainly US dollars, some Vietnamese Dong, and probably some Euros.  I was in Peru a couple of years ago, and Euros were favoured over US dollars at that time.  I don't think there will be a problem exchanging currency, at least in Siagon and Hanoi.

I live in Toronto, so I will be joining the group in Siagon after spending a few days in Hong Kong on the way over.  I also have a week after the tour, in Hanoi and then back to Hong Kong.  So far, I have no plans for that time yet.  Is anyone else staying in Hanoi after the tour ends?



Bruce & Lorna will be joining you - starting in Glasgow so not sure where we join up with rest (maybe KL?).  Seems to be mixed advice about the malaria tablets - nurse meant to be confirming with me on Monday.  Also re money - had thought we'd take just American dollars but others seem to be taking a mixture?  Have you heard of any changes to itinerary due to Tet festival? May take saddle or just gel seat cover if luggage getting heavy.  Looking forward to it.  PS We're celebrating a big birthday for Bruce while there!



hi guys,

Ania and Michael will also be joinging you. We are from Sydney, Australia...arriving to Saigon on 11th and planning on boat trip to Delta....has anyone head of a good one worth reccommendation?

see you soon!




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