Cycling Vietnam - HCMC to Hanoi - 19/09

Hi there

Anyone else there booked on this cycling trip?  Wondering how much training others are getting!  Although cycling every day, and feeling fitter am a bit concerned as loads of talk on here about how hard the cycling is!

Looking forward to chatting with anyone else embarking on this adventure!



Hi Juls

 I'm on that trip too. I've read that Vietnam is pretty flat, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

But...I am packing padded shorts and a gel seat cover! Hope your training is going well...




Hi Martin

 Good to hear from you!  Was starting to worry I was the only one booked on the trip!  Starting to get pretty excited..  Have been getting out and about a little bit on my bike. not sure how flat it is to be honest, I am sure I read somewhere about a 10k uphill!  Not trying to freak you out or anything!!  Gel seat definitely a must!  Are you flying out from heathrow on the 18th or heading to vietnam early?






Hello. I am also on this trip. I'm hoping its not too challenging as I'm not particularly fit! Im sure the scenery will keep us going....


Chris (husband) and I are also on the trip. Looking forward to meeting you all. We had our jabs the other day. Glad that is over! We were advised that malaria tablets aren't required as we are going to be mainly by the coast. What have you others decided?



Hi Das. I dont think Im going to take malaria. I was however advised to get the rabies injections as apparently stocks are low in vietnam of the medication you need quickly after a bite. I'm not sure though but perhaps worth checking with your doctor. Looking forward to meeting you also !



Hi everyone!

I'm coming on this trip with my friend Natalie, not long now, can't wait!

I was advised to take malaria tablets but only to cover the days we are in the mountains/near Cambodia's border as these parts are high risk.

What do you think?



Hi everyone,

A day like today is one of the main reasons why I want to go as far away to a great country like Vietnam. I wouldn't worry about malaria as none of us will get Cheryll Cole's media coverage if we catch it (lol)!.

Dumbfounded as to what to put on the i-pod play list; classic vietcong war movie themes (Deerhunter, Apocolypse Now, Full Metal Jacket ....) or 60's, 70's gendre such as Mowtown /Stones/Hendrix - anybody help?x!

As too training, it's been a 1kg 'dead weight' in the gym to strengthen the right bicep for beer drinking!  





Hi all

Headed out and bought my padded shorts today... thank god we won't get the cheryl cole media coverage...  they are not the most flattering piece of clothing!  Have also been topping up my ipod and looking forward to getting some proper sunshine...

Bit panicky though, as only just remembered to send off for my visa last week!  Hopefully this will be sorted in time!





Hi everyone!!

im coming with my friend Lou (above) cannot wait, 2 weeks to go!! Not taking the malaria tabs, been told isnt really worth it. So fingers crossed!! padded shorts are ready, however i fear i am not, never mind, there is a support bus, who i feel i shall become good friends with!!

look forward to meeting you all, see you at Heathrow, for those of you flying out on the 18th!



ps any tips on ipod tunes....


Hi everyone...

 Just thought I would send a quick word of advise... I did the Richmond to Windsor fundraiser yesterday - and I have two words for you all - Gel Seat...  best thing I could have taken!  I also had the padded shorts, and took the gel seat off to compare...  No comparison!  Picked mine up nice and cheap from Decathlon (less than £10 from memory!) and swear by it!




Hi Guys,

 Really looking forward to the trip - have done a bit of cycling am not feeling super fit so hoping the beautiful scenery will be enough to keep me going. Thanks for all the tips re padded shorts and gel saddles - might have to see if i can pick up a gel saddle over the next couple of days and sort my last minute packing.

Wondered if anyone's up for trying to see a bit of HCMC/Saigon (still not sure what you're meant to call it?) on Sunday? Not sure how I'll be feeling after the flight but seems a shame not to see some of it....

Looking forward to meeting you all,


That's it - no more room in the bag! See you all tomorrow!

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