Dalai Lama

Hi! Is anyone going on the trip to Dharamsala on 22nd Feb? I keep checking the weather and it looks like it could still be pretty cold, even if it's sunny. (Wondering how much thick stuff to take.) Getting excited now - hope it will be a good group!

We are not there yet. I am worried about the change in Delhi. Maybe we could join up and tackle it together. India is amazing and nothing works as you expect it to do from your European experience.


I am assuming the luggage will go straight through. Can't remember Delhi airport and it's no doubt different from when I was there last (15 years ago) but I'm sure people will point us in the right direction! Are you on the group flight from Heathrow? May end up meeting in the check-in queue.

 Maybe we meet up at Heathrow. I am a lthe little old woman in a red jacket. Ulla

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