Dehli in January what to take


anyone been to Dehli in January, I'm trying to work out what to pack and lots of people have posted that it is worth taking gloves, fleece etc. I get it will be freezing in the night but will it be warm in the day. is there any point in taking sandals? Also is there any point in taking a hot waterbottle, is there any chance of getting hot water at the hotels, maybe I could take my own travel kettle, sounds extreme but there is nothing worse that being cold, 

thanks for any help you can offer me.  



I am going on Ganges explorer in Feb.  I have been to Delhi in Jan before and it was hot.  Only place we needed a hottie was in Darjeeling and we were given 2 in the bed!  Sandals yes, kettle yes, remember a scarf to cover shoulders in mosques and don't take best sandals as you may have to leave them outside mosques (sometimes a cloakroom and a small fee).I always try to look inconspicuous.  Anthing you don't have you can buy locally, but take layers.  I am also taking a carrier bag full of children's/baby clothes to give to orphanage/school.  This, a, appeases  my conscience, b. is better than giving baksheesh and it goes where it is needed,c,you have space in suitcase for souvenirs on the way back! NB poor babies don't have disposable nappies. Hope that helps.


Thanks for the reply, now I have to rethink what to take all over again, enjoy the Ganges in Feb.



How many packing days to Delhi?

Panicky notty-when in doubt anything you need  you can buy it there! One day I will be brave enough just to go with hand luggage and head off to the local market and buy ALL I need AND pass it on to needy causes after (washed of course).

Have a wonderful trip-let me know how you get on especially as you may be back before I go!

I was in Delhi in January a few years ago and it was freezing, damp and foggy.  Best to be prepared.

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