Delhi to Kathmandu

Have just booked on this tour as a solo traveller and wondered if anyone else was going? Clare


I am seriously considering booking but for some reason I am lacking the confidence to do it...Julia


Just booked on to this trip, not too long to wait! Dave.


Hi Dave. So glad someone has replied to my post. Was starting to think I was going alone!!!? I've been on two trips with Exodus & both were great, So really looking forward to this one. Went to Sri Lanka last year, yet have never been to India, have you?
Julia, I know how you're feeling, as I was in that situation last year, but just book & I assure you you will have a fantastic time. The trips are always well organised & its a great way to meet new people & hopefully see some great sights & have a good laugh!!? Clare


Hi Clare. No, never been to India or on a trip with Exodus, so all quite exciting really! Just looking at visa's and vaccinations etc! Dave 


Hi Dave. Exodus are a good company and i have had no probs with them so far! I'm excited too! Lets hope we get a fun group and i'm sure it will be a fantastic trip. I'm rather lucky with regards to the vaccinations as my job requires them, so I get out of the needles!! Just need to sort out visa. Are you getting your Nepal visa in advance? I'm sure I read in trip notes that you can get it at boarder? There seems to be many companies offering India visas, all about £60-70. Got to get it sorted, as April will be here before we know it!!! Clare


Hi Clare. I was thinking about getting it in advance but having read the trip notes it may seem a bit overkill. I'm going to sort the Indian Visa 1st anyway. Looking at the website it seems fairly straight forward to post off yourself (famous last words!). I'm sure the group will be fun, certainly going to be busy. 8 weeks today, not long! Dave.


Anyone else going on this trip?

Just wondering how many are going on the 10APR departure.  I assume it will determine the size of the vehicle - more people = bigger bus.  I am skitish after driving in a micro Kia car down the silk road.



Did you ever find out Joe?

Hello everyone

Really looking forward to our trip - can't wait to escape the rain here in the UK! Hope you all managed to do your visas ok... sent mine by post and was returned in 6 days , no problems.

See you all at the airport/in Delh!


nvan dyk

I have also booked onto this trip. Should be an incredible experience - have heard lots of wonderful things about India!

Also traveling on my own but flying with BA rather than on the group flight (due to my last minute booking :oD). If anyone else is flying BA let me know.

Oh, and if anyone has any top tips about stuff to take along please let me know.

 See you all soon!



Getting excited now, not too long to go! Is everyone going on 16th?

Managed to get my visa's back to for both India and Nepal without any issues!

I'm on the group flight, see you all there!



Not long now, 2 Weeks to go!

Hi All,

Sorry for late log-in, I've barely had chance to draw breath since booking this trip end of Feb!!

I did my last minute dash to the Birmingham India Agency on Thursday so my visa will be with me next week (it took all of about 5 minutes & cost me a tenner....very impressive!!). Needless to say, I'll be buying the Nepal visa on entry. I suppose I should think about what to pack now!! 

I'm not  on the Group Flight either Nicci but, I'm with Etihad not BA. IF anyone else is Etihad, give me a shout!!

 Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Karen :) xx




Great job with the visa! Apparently the Nepalese is straightforward to get on the way across the border.

I'm starting the think about packing now as we are getting close, any good tips or ideas? I'm sure there are a few things I'll wish I'd have taken once there.

I'm on the group flight but see you in Delhi. 





Thanks for your message. Will look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!! Sadly no tips or ideas yet but, if I get any sudden flashes of inspiration, I will let you know!!

 It will be a last minute dash to the shops for me next weekend. My wardrobe is somewhat lacking in long sleeved neutral shirts & the like.

I'm geared up for the Nepalese via with my photo & cash.....thankfully it does look like an easy one! 

Catch you soon K :)




Hi guys
Just a tip/item I found invaluable travelling last year. Packing cubes! They are separate bags that go inside your case. As we're staying at a different place every night, they make unpacking & packing so much easier! You don't have to end up pulling everything out every night!! Have started getting my stuff ready and really getting excited now. Look forward to meeting those on the group flight. Will be looking out for the exodus labels! Clare


Hey chaps, less than a week now, looking forward to meeting you all.

Has anyone started looking at early check-in or seat allocation?
(On the group flight)



Greg, not even thought about it to be honest, what have you found out? Dave



I'm also going on this trip and did manage to get on the group flight. Look forward to meeting you all v.soon



I emailed Exodus, we can't do online check in with the group flight, but can request Aisle, Window etc through them...

So take your chances of a good seat, and good luck!



I think as we'll all be checking in at different times, it's pot luck if we bump into each other!! Will probably have to meet at other end in Delhi?! Will no doubt be sleeping most of the flight anyway!!? Counting the hours now! Clare


Thanks for the update Greg.

I think your right Clare, we'll just have to look out for the Exodus labels!

Has anyone thought about what they might do on the 1st afternoon in Delhi?

I have a feeling work might drag a bit over the next 2 days!


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