Delhi to Kathmandu - 20th Nov - Who else has signed up?!


I have just booked onto the above trip in November and thought I would say hello to see who else has signed up. Not wishing the summer away... but shame there are 4 months still to go! 




Hello there.  You have at least one fellow co-traveller :0)  Only 2 months left now ... sigh ....



Phew - that's a relief :0) - Good to hear from you Debbie

I am sure the two months will vanish rapidly as I have got plenty to do including sorting out my India visa! 

This is my first Exodus trip - have you been on any others before? 




 we have just booked too. my wife lisa and i am steve, not been away with exodus before. we did book for the kenya, uganda, rawanda trip last year with them but had to cancell, with few weeks to go, dew to the trouble in kenya.


I haven't been away with Exodus before either.  But I've heard really good things about them.  A friend of mine did a similar tour in Northern India with Exodus and loved it!


I am going on the 6th November on the sametrip so I can tell you all about it when I get back. I went to Borneo last year with Exodus and had a fantastic time and I now have the bug for different holidays rather than just sitting on the beach in Spain

It is good to see a few people on the forums before we go. 7 weeks left and counting! It certainly sounds like it should be a good trip - can't wait to get away. 

Andrea - it will be good to hear how your trip goes, although I think we leave the day before you get back - hope you have a great time though! 

I really must sort out that India visa...! 



Hi Tim, Debbie, Lisa and Steve.. and Andrea. We are coming on the 20th too, that is Tony and my wife Andrea. We had a great trip with Exodus last year doing the Egyptology trip.


Hi all

I need to get our visas sorted. Have you all bought both the india and nepal visas or just the india one. Stephen and I can't decide whether to buy the nepal visa on arrival. The trip notes dont really say what is best. Looking forward to meeting you all soon. Lisa

Hi Lisa,

I am thinking of just getting the India Visa as from what I have read the Nepal visa should be ok to get on the fly with $25 US Dollars (needs to be in actual USD currency) and a passport photo. What does everybody else think?



Thanks Tim

that is what I was going to do but had a little panic. I've not had to get visas for a holiday before and I'm feeling a little apprehensive. I will wait till tommorow  to arrange the visas and go with the majority!!

thanks Lisa


Hey guys.  I panic bought both my Indian & Nepal visas a little while ago!  Only because I figured it's one less thing to think about.  I don't see why it would be a problem getting them at the border though.  Did any of you get an email from  an Exodus  recently about trip advice before you go?  It mentioned things like being able to request pre-booked flight seats etc.  If you're not sure what to do re. visas, might be worth asking them what folk usually do.  They seem to respond to queries quickly. 

Hi Debbie (and anyone else who has sorted out their India Visa!)

I am just trying to complete the Visa form online and it is asking me for a Sponsor. Having checked with Exodus, they had not heard of that being requested... :s

Who did you use as your sponsor? 

I am tempted to put down the name of the Travel Agent given on the Trip Notes as a referee.




Hi Tim,

 I think I just used the referees on the form:

Mohan Tickoo, Kash Venture Travel, 805-806 Ansals Kirti Shikhar, District

Centre Janakpuri, New Delhi, 110 058, India. Tel: 0091 11 2552 3807.

• Siddharth Hotel, 3 Rajendra Place, New Delhi, India. Tel: +91 112 5762501,

Fax: +91 112 5781016.

Haven't got my printed copy with me at work so can't check for sure. 


Exodus suggested the same on the basis of not having a better answer!




I'm Kathryn and I'm on the trip on 20 November. Only thing I'm not looking forward to is the malaria tablets - the weekly onesare disgusting to take.

Well there are 7 of us here with you now Kathryn and only 3.5 weeks to go. Thanks for the reminder, I need to pick up the Malaria tablets soon. However think I had different tablets last time I used them as I don't think I was on the daily / weekly ones and certainly don't remember them being especially unpleasant.

Passport is now back with India visa (thanks Debbie) and I have just adopted a multiple-list planning strategy :-)  Hope everyone else's preparations are going well!



I went to East Africa - Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar with them - great trip, well organised, brilliant guide/leader.  Definitely looking forward to this one.  I've been to India before and love it, and am REALLY intrigued by Nepal!!!!


If anyone's interested a friend of mine just got back from a (non Exodus) trip to Nepal and said it's very hot there at the moment.  He loved it.  Is it really only about 3 weeks to go?  Eeeeek.... guess I better dig out my rucksack...

Hello all. 

Hope that everyone is well and (almost) ready for the off?!

I am on the group flight from Heathrow on Friday so if anyone fancies meeting up before the flight in the departure lounge, please let me know. My phone number is 07920 566769.

Otherwise see you in Delhi!




Hi Tim, Debbie, Lisa, Steve, Tony, Andrea and Kathryn! I'm Sabina and coming along the height of excitement this morning and only a few last minute things to pack!  Anyway Tim, I'll give you a buzz will be good to meet up before the flight.  If anyone would like to contact me I'm on 07941 988291.

See you all soon



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