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This will be our (my husband Chris and my) first time with Exodus and our first time visiting India and Nepal.  I've wanted to visit India for a long time now, so am very excited about the trip.  We're also booked on the 4 day Annapurna extension.  It would be great to hear from anybody else who is booked on the trip.

Hi Jane, I'm booked on this trip and am an a Jane too! I've been on a few Exodus trips before but this one is definitely my most adventurous. I'm very excited too.  I've been researching how to get visas and it seems that using Travcour is advised but I think I'll get the Nepalese one on arrival.


Hi Jane - Good to make contact!  I think we'll get our Nepalese visa on arrival too.  Have you done anything about injections yet? I'm watching Michael Palin's Himalaya DVD at the moment.  The scenery is amazing!

Hiya, yes I've just had my jabs today, 3 needles :(   The nurse said I only need maleria tablets for Nepal and that I don't need a prescription, they can just be bought at a chemist.  I'd be interested to see if you get similar advice as I thought I'd need maleria cover for the whole trip.

I'm reading Palin's Himalaya book at the moment!  It does look really great.  I was inspired to go to India after seeing someone's holiday photos, so colourful and lots of green - not what I thought it would be like.


We're going to the doctors on 9 January to find out more about jabs.  I'll let you know what they advise us then. It all feels much more imminent now that Xmas and New Year are behind us.

Hi everyone. 

My family and I (all 3 of us) are travelling on this trip, so I'm just saying hello, really.  We've filed our VISA applications with Travcour - very helpful as they suggested we change a few entries to ease the way through the Indian bureaucracy.  Apparently my wife Terry's occupation entry as a journalist would be a problem, so she's now a business man, much to her disgust - No option for business woman! 

We're newbies at India and Nepal and are all very excited and a bit nervous.  We have stocked up on memory cards in anticipation of the photo opportunities.

I don't think we're likely to bother with the malaria pills as everytime I've taken them, the side effects have been unpleasant, but maybe thay've improved or I'm just sensitive soul.  We'll see what advice we get.  I think a good dose of DEET on me and my clothes should keep them away.  It works in other places I've been, although other people do tend to stay away.  I can't think why.

I've been recommended a book (a novel) called "Shantaram" as an insight to Indian culture and thought processes.  So far, it's also a good read.


Hi All,

It's cheaper to get your visas directly from the Nepalese Embassy as they only charge £35 +p+p as opposed to £77 if you use the link on  the Exodus website.

All the best, Haydo 




Hi all

Well, we went to have our jabs yesterday and were advised to have typhoid, Hep A and Diptheria/Tetanus/Polio (those three were in one jab).  So we've had all those.  She also suggested Hep B but we're going to investigate that further - I thought that was only passed by bodily fluids and advisable if you are staying for an extended period. We're doing a bit more research on that one.  Our nurse's website (netdoctor?) with advice on Malaria was down, so we still don't know what we're doing on that. 

Malcolm - I've also read Shantaram - from what I remember it was a very good read - although quite gruelling in parts.  I really enjoyed City of Djinns- A year in Delhi by William Dalrymple - it combines humorous insights into day to day life in Delhi with a bit of history too.  I once tried to tackle 'A Suitable Boy' by Vikram Seth - but it's sheer size defeated me.  I might revisit it!


Hi everyone!  Thanks Jane for the update on jabs, I've had the same as you.  I've decided not to have the Hep B but instead will take a needle pack with me, although I'm not doing the trip extension.  My practice nurse used a NHS website "fit for travel".

I've had my final balance reminder, so it's not long to wait now!



Hi Malcolmb

 My partner and I are going on the India and Nepal trip a couple of weeks after you and your family. How are you getting on with Shantaram? I read it about a year ago and I thought the first 2 thirds of it was excellent - especially the highly descriptive passages about the slums etc. But I gave up after Afghanistan seemed to be most of what the rest of the book was about and I also couldn't remember all the characters names! I'm really excited about the trip - I know it's smelly and dirty but bring it on! Can't wait so experience all the sights and colours and culture. Hope you all have a brilliant trip! Linda  


Hi Andy and Linda - are you on the 31 March departure?  We are booked on that one and looking forward to it - it will be our first time in India and Nepal and with Exodus (we ventured to  Vietnam and Cambodia last year with Explore).  Just starting to think about packing! julie


Hi Malcom and Julie,

My husband Paul and I are booked on the AIN trip and are really excited. Jabs and visa's sorted, decided against the full on malaria precautions and opted for the 2 a week chloroquine compromise instead. Like you Malcom we intend to be free and easy with the 50% deet spray! Last bit of shopping now done, just the last couple of days at work to get through and then we are on our way.  Looking forward to meeting our fellow travellers. We fly from Heathrow on Qatar flight  QR12 at 15.05pm.  Say hi, if you spot us although I'm not sure how... Chris

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