Delhi to Kathmandu - AIN

Anyone going on the Delhi to Kathmandu trip planned for September 26th ? Trip code AIN

It's my first time to India, but not my first Exodus trip, really looking forward to it.




Hello Niamh,

just booked this trip. Similar to you I've been on other Exodus trips but never been to India before.



hi peter! only saw your email now!


really looking forward to the trip!




Never used Exodus before or been to India, so looking forward to it though!  I hear nothing but amazing things about India and Nepal... seems so far away still!! 



Hi all,

 Yes I am also going from Dehli to Kathmandu. First time in India and Nepal for me and also first time with Exodus.

Can not wait to go.



Hi All

Haven't booked this yet but very very tempted. Basically running out of year to take holiday and if I don't book soon I fear work will take over. Booooo!

Been on two exodus trips before- both last year and two of the best holidays I've been on. Met fantastic people and no faults with exodus whatsoever.

OK- slightly pointless e-mail (as I'm not booked yet) but I just get excited of the thought of exploring new countries :-) I do.

 Giles (from Norwich)


hey everyone

really looking forward to india and nepal

have travelled with exodus about 7 times now, always have had a great time, met lots of great fellow travellers and stayed in contact with many of them!

so hopefully this trip will be the same!!



Hi Niamh,

 7 times you must like it. You always go on the Solo trips?

I am thinking of going to Peru next year with Exodus but as this is my first time travelling with them wanted to see what it was like. Tried to book that trip first but all the solo places had gone. Although have always wanted to go to India and Nepal so thought I would give this one a go.



Managed to book this up now so hello everyone. I think we're almost a full house so should be really good fun- can't wait to see the Amber Palace in Jaipur and the ghats.

Did Aconcagua (Argentina) and Kili with exodus last year- great guides and great people on both trips- frequently in touch/visit those that live in London.

Ok- not the same area but I can see myself watching Slumdog Millionaire a few times before going!


Hi Everyone

I'll also be joining you on the trip. I've been away with Exodus once before, but this is my first time on a solo trip. Really looking forward to it - can't wait. I'm sure it'll be here in no time, which will probably result in my usual habit of running around at the last minute, trying to get everything I've forgotten to buy! : )




Hi everyone! looks like we have a full house on this trip!

getting very excited now and trying to sort out my visa...

looking forward to meeting everyone!



It's my first time using Exodus and have never been to India before. I have a few friends who use Exodus quite frequently and they've never a bad word to say about them. I'm really looking forward to meeting you all and can't wait for September 25th.


hi to everyone again!

i was just wondering, are you all going on the group flight for this trip??

i am travelling from Dublin and will be in the airport for a good few hours before the fight if anyone wants to meet up for coffee or drinks!



hello everyone. Will be joining you on this trip, really looking forward to meeting you all and visiting India and Nepal for the first time, two places I've always wanted to see. Great to think that 5 weeks from now we'll be there. Hoping my shoes don't get nicked at the Taj Mahal, but apart from that am very excited. I'm going on the flight Niamh, would be nice to meet up with you at the airport for refreshments, and anyone else too of course.

Sarah (a different Sarah to the one who posted the earlier message!)


morning all!

my email address is [email protected] if anyone wants to contact me before we depart and chat!

see you all in 4-ish weeks!!



Hi everyone! A few more people I see after I last checked.  

Niamh- good idea about meeting up before the flight otherwise I'll be wandering around the airport thinking 'I wonder if he/she is in our group!'

I think just after you get through immigration at Terminal 4 there is a Costa (or Starbucks??) between the scent/aftershave duty free shop and the alcohol :-) shop.

I reckon I'll be there from about 5.30pm ish so hope to see you/other there?  

Roll on 25th September!





my flight from dublin doesnt get in till 5 so by the time i collect my bags and check in for our flight ( and i think i have to switch terminals) it could be 6-630 before i get inside.

would love to meet up before the flight! otherwise we all sit there that person on our trip?!!?!!


Hi there

I'm not sure what time I'll be getting to Heathrow at the moment, but would definitely like to meet up beforehand. I'll let you know later when I'm due to arrive. Ooh getting excited now!! : )





Hi everyone,

I'll be travelling down and arriving at the airport in plenty of time and think it would be great to meet up for a drink or two before we fly out. Any suggestions where we could all meet up?

Alan. M


hi everyone!

getting very excited now..only a few weeks to go!

am not familiar with the terminal so if anyone wants to suggest somewhere to meet up??

see you all soon,




I think there's a costa directly in front of you as you go through the metal detector thingies. So shall we meet there?

Got my passport/visa back so good to go I think.

Can't wait and looking forward to meeting everybody.



Hi... I will be joining you all in Delhi as I am working in India at the moment.  It's a great country and I am sure a good time will be had by all!  I have travelled here in the past, but haven't had much time with work this time around.  

Looking forward to the trip and meeting everyone.  Hopefully the moonson season will be over in a couple of weeks and we will get some good weather! 



so everyone, how about Costa in the post-security departures area at say ...7 pm???

let me know if it suits!


Hi there, that's fine with me. I'll be getting there rather early as my flight gets to Heathrow at around 3pm! Apologies to all in advance as I'll probably either be high as a kite on caffeine or a tad tipsy by 7pm! If anyone else is arriving early let me know and we can meet up in advance. I'll be getting into Terminal 5 so can meet either there or terminal 4. It's not like I have to rush to get over there.... : )




i will be there early too, a pre-departure drink sounds like fun!!


[email protected]  



 Sounds good. See you approx 7pm.



Just to say hello, I'll also be joining you on this trip and the group flight. Looking forward to it but also have the inevitable nerves! (more linked to everything needed to be done first, turns to excitement once checked in). It's my first time to India but second trip with Exodus.

See you all soon - aiming to be at Costa!



weel everyone, getting to the final countdown, only two more days to go!
looking forward to meeting up with everyone!
safe travels!

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