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Delhi - Kathmandu dep 2/4

Hi everyone

Would be great to meet my fellow travellers here 





My husband David and I are booked onto the same trip on April 2nd too.

Look forward to meeting you




Keith Thomas  (KT,4 short).Yep im going as well.orginaly i was on the other one,but nobody else was going on it,so they put me on this one.Its my first time with Exodus.Im really looking forward to the scenery and treking about Napal for a bit.Looking forward to meeting u and the others.

                                                                                   L & P   KT.



Keith Thomas (KT 4 short ).Yep im going too.Its my first time with Exodus.Im looking forward to the differnt scenery and treking about some of Napal.Look forward to meeting you both.

                                                                                        L & P  KT.


Hi all

Less than a month now & have received the final details... How are the preparations going? Have got my visa & had a couple of jabs that had run out.

I work at a secondary school & some of our sixth form went to Delhi, Agra & Varanasi over Feb half term. They had a fab time.. said Varanasi was the best. I just want to see all of it!




I'm on Delhi - Kathmandu too.  Not sure if it's going to be roasting hot, or just ordinary hot.  Any ideas?  Also, how cold will it be in Nepal?  I'll probably do the packing on the day we fly out - a good way to spend the day off work!  Looking forward to it all though; doesn't look too arduous and I guess in India we just go with the flow.

See you soon.



Hi Graham & others

I am a last minute packer too, so need to do some research on temperatures I guess. Prob best to go for layers to cover all options, esp for early mornings & evenings. Guess we also need long sleeves etc for the anti-mossie protection!

Are you taking travellers cheques? Also dollars or pounds? I read that we need dollars for Nepal visa. Think it was $25. Usually I rely on my debit card, but thinking we'll be in too remote places for that.

Any other things you've read that could be useful, let us know!

Can't wait,

Nicola :-)

Hi Nicola,

I guess you're right about taking a selection of clothes to cover all eventualities.  My GP is Indian: he reckons we shouldn't have too much of a problem with mozzies, but I'll be taking a suitable selection of sprays and long sleeves along anyway.

As for dosh, I'm taking US dollars.  I bought them a few weeks ago when the rate was better.  I'm not sure that many Indians remember the empire or recognise pounds!  Nepal also seems to be dollars-only.  One post I read said they will accept pounds for your visa, but you will hold the queue up as they try and work out the correct exchange rate!  Dollars is what they expect.  I'll take a credit card as back-up though.  From what I've read, there are ATMs around - and we're not going too far from civilisation.




Hello all. I live in the middle of the US in Kansas City. I am looking forward to seeing all the marvels of India and Nepal and meeting you all. I will arrive in Delhi late on the 2nd and will be exploring Delhi the afternoon of the 3rd. See you there.

Gene Rose



Yes, I was surprised at how hot temperatures were when I looked on Tuesday. Nice change from here!

Have you tried online check-in? Wondered if it worked with the numbers we'd been given. Will have a look.

Hope you have remembered extra photos for Nepal visa... it suddenly came back to my mind yesterday!



No luck: all I get is this error message...  "Please note, Web Check-In is available for passengers holding a confirmed E-ticket as follows".  Did you have any luck?

Photos are ready, all I need to do noe is start packing.  Tomorrow morning I'm off to stock up with sunscreen.


Hi Graham

Managed to check in ok. Only thing I can't do is print boarding pass as my printer's not working, but lady on phone said that could be done at airport.

You need to use the Airline Locator Jet Airways code from joining instructions thing, which for me started LHY.. Then you have to add passport details etc.

I put Hotel Connaught, Delhi as destination & Delhi again for province & made up zip code (used 1234) as it wouldn't let me continue without it & it's not on our final instructions. Then you had to add emergency contact.. had to put phone no as international with the 0044 as it wouldn't accept it otherwise!

Then you could choose your seat!

Where do you have to travel from? I am coming from Brighton. Aim to get there between 5 & 6. You are welcome to get in touch if you want to meet for drink or coffee?  07773 214257.

I still haven't packed.. have various piles of things around my bedroom! I need the actual deadline of having to do it. Think I've done all my shopping now, but will prob remember something in the morning! There's always the airport shops!!

Happy packing,



Thanks for the advice - it worked this time round.  I got the last window seat.  Most seats have already been taken.  I'm coming from Camberley, which is fairly near Heathrow, but takes an age on South West Trains and the buses from Feltham.  I'm aiming to get there about six-ish, but usually manage to be later than planned.  I'll give you a call once I've got rid of my bags if there's time for a coffee.  You're more advanced than me with the packing - I've done nothing!  I'll tackle it in the morning.  Shouldn't take too long as we don't need many layers in the heat.  I may get some rupees at Heathrow, just in case it's a hassle with Indian bureaucracy in Delhi.  See you soon.  Graham

Looking on the internet it looks like we need a non-standard (Non-European/USA) plug for India.  Any idea where we can get a suitable adaptor?

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