(Dept London 7 Sept) - Charging your camera on the trip

Does anyone know what the charging facilities are on the Gorilla and Masai Mara trip please?

Both during the day and at night, when we camp?

I'm trying to work out whether to buy a solar charger which are fairly reasonably priced if you just want to charge your iphone etc but are a lot more pricey if you want one to cope with a camera battery.

I've got an EOS 500D, so want to work out whether to invest in lots of batteries, or car battery charger, or solar charger, or mains power supply charger etc etc.

I'm fairly new to photography and so all comments are very welcome!

Thank you




In our experience from a few years ago, take batteries and don't rely on being able to re-charge.  We ended with the Gorillas and you need to have lots of batteries!

Mark and Ellie


we went on this trip last year and it was fantastic! plenty of chance to charge on board the truck - just needs everyone to take turns - think there were about 3 sockets in use at any one time while the engine was running. there were also chances at some of the places you'll stay at along the way.

If you get Often as the guide, with Mike and Frank, you'll be very lucky as they're a good bunch of guys to be with.

hope you enjoy!



Thank you all very much for your responses. Sounds like maybe saving a battery especially for the gorillas is probably the best idea - I too am seeing them at the end.

Due to personal committments I've had to change my departure date to from September to December and so it'll give me some extra time to buy a few more batteries!

Are there any other tips you'd give about the trip?

I'm trying to work out what travelling light really means... so how many pairs of shorts and trousers to take etc etc. So any help on this would be great.



I managed to pack well within the weight restrictions - despite the fact I'm always tempted to overpack with "just in case" things. There wasn't really chance to wash clothes along the way, but I took clothes that were lightweight. You have to unload your bag and store this and your clothes / belongings in boxes under the truck seats - you need a padlock for this too. A wrap was useful on the truck and for evenings - but think the truck was having an overhaul and getting proper windows after our trip last september (we had open sides, with roll down canvas covers for cooler days / nights.

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