Discover Burma - with mosquito nets?

Right - I've tried the Forum, so I'll add this in Destinations! I'm off to Burma in January and mozzie nets are recommended. I don't want to take a tent-like structure with poles etc. If I buy a net with various attachment possibilities - e.g. cord, tape, hooks - how likely am I to find something that I can attach it to in modest accommodation bedrooms? I prefer to travel light but if attachment is a problem, I'll have to go with the net tent thing. I'd appreciate feedback from anyone on an earlier departure to Burma. Thanks.



I can let you know after the November trip comes back as we an Exodus office member on the trip.

regards Nick - Trip Manager

Thanks - I'll await feedback.


Hello Christine. I note from the forum that you are travelling to Burma in January. I am going then so assume we are going to be on the same trip. Hello in advance. My experience of travel in that part of the world with an organised party is that they will provide them if neccessary. What is important is that you use a spray on insecticide and keep yourself covered up and have a supply of anti-malarials. You may already know this in which case apologies. If you are on the trip that leaves 21st Jan. will meet yopu then.


Hi, Graham. I'll look forward to meeting you. I think you're being a bit optimistic, though!! If we need nets, we'll have to provide them. We should get feed-back from the first group out any day now. I'm looking forward to Burma enormously and am relieved to have just got my passport with visa back safely from the Burmese Embassy. Here's to 21st Jan - not long to go now.

Thanks, Vanessa - and hello! Another traveller for 21 Jan? Yes, I've already discovered this web site and decided that the cheapo pop-up will probably fit the bill. I wonder if anyone would like to buy me a mozzie net for Christmas ...........?!


A mosquito net is optional. Mosquitos are not a problem in the dry season and in many of the hotels the windows have meshing . Nets were not used by any of the passengers on our first departure in December . We will be amending our trip notes to say they are optional not recommended.

Nick Nikolsky - Trip Manager

Thanks for that feed-back, Nick. Plenty of spray, then, and fingers crossed.


I'm travelling to Burma in August - do I need to take a net with me? It's not the dry season is it?


Mosquito nets are not provided at all the hotels we use, however there is mesh on the hotel windows where there are no nets. Some people have still brought nets and use them as mosquitos can still get into rooms, whilst others have not taken them and not been bitten, so nets are optional. If you are someone who gets bitten and has a net it would be worth packing it.


Thanks - any info on what kind of net to bring and where to buy them?

We travelled in Jan/Feb and took two plug-in room zappers. Switch them on before you go out at night and (theoretically) any mozzies are dead by the time you get back to the room. It really wasn't a problem.

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