Discover Costa Rica departing 12 March 2010 - Who else is going?

Hi - I was hoping to see who else is booked on this trip, as I am a solo traveller.

 Really looking forward to it - it's going to be fantastic!


Hi Sharon (anyone else)

I am coming along, I am also a solo traveller.

Looking forward to the wildlife!



Hello,  I'm booked as welland am  joining from London, which is where I live.  I am looking forward to seing the wildlife.



Hello Emma and Barbara - good to see I won't be the only solo traveller!  I work in London and live just outside.  Have either of you done any trips such as this before?  I'm trying to get packing ideas! Thanks - Sharon


I haven't been to a tropical rainforest area before but my small experience of a European one tells me - waterproof jacket.  That is the only advice I can offer, otherwise I am as much in need of help as regards packing as you are.  I did ask Exodus if a mosquito net for the bed would be a good idea but was told that all the hotels have screens on the windows so it would not be necessary.

I am travelling with a friend, Padmini.  We both have new digital cameras so, as I see you are keen on photography, I expect we will be asking you for tips in the course of the trip.

Not long to go now!

Regards, Barbara


Hi again

Sharon i am traveling alone, i think we maybe sharing a room!  I did request a single room, but it was already taken :( 

I have never been with exodus, though i have been on another trip with Adventure Co.  I am looking forward to it, just hope we have a bunch of likeminded people who are interested in wildlife!

I will be getting the Heathrow flight, on the 13th - though i did notice this trip was headed the 12th...hope i havent got my dates wrong!!!



Thanks for the tips Barbara - good to hear there will be screens there.  I'll be more than happy to help with any photography tips - looking forward to meeting you and Padmini.

Emma - I've booked a single room as well so I don't think we'll be sharing!  Will be good to meet you - I've been a bit confused about the departure dates too - fingers crossed it is on the 13th!



Hi.  We are travelling independantly - from Manchester airport on the Friday - and are really looking forward to meeting you all and seeing all that incredible wildlife.  Frank and Rose


Absolutely!  Looking forward to meeting you all.  Less than two weeks to go..!

Ah, so it was you Sharon who took the room :)  i wasnt quick enough off the mark!  Not long to go now, not looking forward to the flight at all, so long.  People have recommended sleeping tablets, drink, etc....



Yep - sorry about that!  I'm stocking up with my ipod, books and cards for the long flight.  I hadn't thought of sleeping tabs but that's probably not a bad idea.  I'm staying the night before in a hotel by Heathrow so I don't have to risk the M25 on Saturday morning.  Where are you travelling from Emma?

Hi Sharon

I work in London (Tower Bridge area) and live in sunny Norfolk, i am coming arriving the night before for the same reason as you.  So i will see you at Heathrow :) 

Be good to meet the rest of the group, sounds like we a have a range of ages whcih is great to hear.


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