Discover Ethiopia (AYE) 16th December 2012

Only 5 weeks to go ,so i thought a quick hello to anyboby else booked on this trip was in order .

Yep, I'm also going on this trip.Arriving a day early as not a resident of the UK.


Hello everyone. There are four of us arriving from the US and we are also coming in the day before. Does anyone know if we must bring bedsheets? According to the brochure this may be the case for basic level hotels, and this trip is listed as having such. Look forward to the trip!

Hi balinsm . Dont know the answer to your question regarding bedsheets . All i can say is that ive not had to provide my own on any previous trips but maybe you should e-mail Exodus to confirm (they are usually most helpful ).. 

Looking forward to meeting you all and getting away from a very wet UK .

Cheers , Pete .

Not sure about bedsheets but i think Exodus would have told us if we needed them.Bedbugs might be an issue though !!! Also am i going to be among the minority of non-malaria tablet takers?

I'll be arriving the day before but staying out nearer the airport. Where are the 4 of you flying in from the states staying ?

Also is/ has anyone already made their visa or just going with the visa on entry? I have time to get to the Embassy here this week so am thinking to get it in advance. 

No malaria tabs for me .. research suggests minimal risk . Visa on arival seems to be the least expensive and easiest option for us Brits . Good point about possible bedbugs in the dodgier hotels . Have to see what can be done about that . 

Getting excited now .  


Hello folks, I will be on this trip with my trusty sleeping bag, mostly for padding but also because I'm a woos in a night draft. For those wondering about sheets, have you thought about packing a sleeping bag liner?  Mine packs down to a tube ~8 inches long and 3 in diameter so easy to carry.



OK sounds good. Maybe we will bring the sheet liner or sleeping bag then. I did write Exodus but didn't hear back. Will try again. The four of us are staying at the same hotel as the trip starts from. We got them to just extend the stay back one night. 


We are not doing the anti-malaria medication. Our doctor checked the map vs. malaria prone areas and said we will not be in them. In terms of visa we plan to get them upon arrival at the airport. Apparently this is what most travelers to Ethiopia have done int he past.

Thanks atleast half of us won't be on them. i heard there are 11 of us altogether.


My doc said must take malaria pills... and I think i will as mossies make bee/mosquito line for me. Visa will get on arrival (colleague who on photo trip to Ethiopia in Oct said the line ups were the same for those without visa and as those with visa.  Sleeping bag liner is a great idea.  Advice from others who've travelled to Egypt and other parts of Africa..  ensure you wash/clean hands after handling money... avoids v. common source of upset stomachs.   Ethiopia has great reports. looking forward to the trip.


We talked to the Exodus staff. They said the liner is not necessary for these hotels as they will have their own linens.

I leave Tokyo this evening.See you all on the 17th.

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