Discover Namibia

Would be good to know if anyone else is going on this trip?


I have booked this trip, look forward to meeting you

Anita Filmer


I too will be on this one.

A pity we won't get to Fish Canyon,  but I guess we have enough crammed into two weeks anyway !

Anyone been to Namibia before?



Never been to Namibia before, but a friend of a friend has, and said it was one of the best places they had been to.

Look forward to meeting you on the 23rd



What's your 'thing'?

I'm going for the wildlife and the landscapes!

The dunes should be good, and Etosha of course.

Weather should be warm as well - had to buy a cooler sleeeping bag as my mountain 'bag  would have cooked me!!


Much the same as yourself, I remember seeing a TV programme on the elephants of Namibia and thinking..I want to go there!

I have been following the weather on the BBC website.  Daytime temperatures are around 26 - 28 degsC, but the nights are clear and around 2 - 5 degs.  Whatever it should be a lifetime experience.



Looking forward to meeting you both in a few weeks.  I cant wait and so need a holiday.  Wanting to see it all.......


I'm not sure we'll get to see the desert Elephants, but would be areal buzz if we did.

Are you guys bringing photo gear? I'm a keen photographer and I suspect a bit of a 'photo bore'. Just wondered if anyone else will be checking their apertures and shutter speeds :) 


I only have a digital camera, but I am looking for some stunning scenery shots as I want to frame them as sepia artwork for my hall.  Sorry about the 'girlie' question, but how are you taking your money as I have read many different versions.  I thought about taking some Namibian currency and the rest as sterling, or would it be better to take South African Rand. I would appreciate your input.

 I have now started the daily countdown on my calendar!



Just got back - we had a brilliant time.

Re money, I took cash plus debit card. You can change sterling into $ Namib at Windhoek airport. I took some SA Rand - you can use these freely on a 1:1 basis, handy towards the end of the hol as you will be able to change them back if necessary on return to the UK.

I spent most money in Swarkop, because of trips, meals etc - there was good availability of ATMs and no problem using credit cards there. Most places that sell souvenirs will also take plastic - but probably worth telling your card provider that you will be in Namibia.

There is a strong box on the bus, so you can put pasports and spare cash in this until you need them.

Have a great time !


 Thank you so much for the info, totally different to what other people had said in the past.  



I've also booked this trip....looking forward to it! Only two weeks to go now....

Am I the only one worried about Malaria tablets side effects?  :(



Hi Berta

If you've not taken malaria pills before I would recommend Malarone as they have very few/no side effects. They are more expensive than Larium, but you only take them for 2 days before entering the malarial area and 7 days after.

If you are using Larium, I would 'try them first'  - while you are at home. If you are susceptible to problems with them they usually show up within a few days.

See you soon!


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