Discover Namibia Lodge Departure - hello everyone!

Dear All

So who else is going apart from Ian and myself.  We decided that sleeping in a proper bed was preferable to camping for these two 60 year olds!   Flexibility ain't what it used to be so putting on socks is easier sitting on a bed :-)

I'm getting really excited about this.  Have just ordered some thermal leggings as I gather night times are very cold (below freezing) in July.





See you there. My first time on the west coast of Africa though lots of times on Eastern side.

Appreciative Exodus traveller on my tenth trip. From Birmingham, UK.I really want cheetahs in the wild having only seen their gnawed prey bones lying around the Mara so far.

I shall take my hoodie but am not going as far as thermal leggings.

Warmth in UK now makes me anxious about my frazzled garden when I return!

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