Discover Sri Lanka - 19th December 2009

It would be great to hear from anyone else booked on this trip.  I am very excited about the trip and looking forward to meeting you all.  Lyn

Hi, myself (Lawrence) and Eve are on this trip, flying out on the group flight. Its great to hear from a fellow traveller. We too are excited. Went away with exodus last xmas and new year and had a great time so hoping for more of the same.

Hi - I am looking forward to meeting you both.  I am not travelling on the group flights as they were fully booked so hopefully I should already be there by the time you arrive.  I too went away last Christmas, I am hoping this trip is as good as that one as it looks really interesting. Lyn

The Woodster

Hi Lyn - this is my thrid attempt at posting a message so apologies if the other ones come through.  I am also flying on a different flight to the others and travelling by myself.  I am flying from Heathrow on Saturday 19th with Emirates.  Who are you flying with?  By the way - my name is also Lynn (but I have an extra "n")!  Would be great to hear from you.



The Woodster

Lawrence and Eve

I have just read you post for your last trip and see that you are from Nottingham.  So am I - what a coincidence!

Nice to hear from you Lynn, if you are flying with Emirates you should have a great journey, friends who have travelled with them say great things.

We live near the old 'Commodore' now Sainsbury's .

Not long now and looking foreward to meeting you all.


Hi Lynn - I am flying with Sri Lanka airways but I arrive about 12 hours before the rest of the group.  If you arrive early - look out for me.  I look forward to meeting you soon.  Lyn

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