Discover Sri Lanka - 22nd December - is anyone out there?

Hi there - is anyone joining me on this trip over Xmas and New year? It'd be really good to hear from you....I know it's nearly 3 months away, but I'm getting terribly excited already!



Told you I was excited.

I went on this trip at Christmas 2001 led by Roshan and it was excellent. We spent Christmas Day in Kandy and we had lunch at the Elephant Orphanage and New Year's Eve was at a beach resort but tragically this was destroyed two years later by the tsunami and the manager died. Roshan has done a lot to help this community through his Exodus work.

I also attended the Christmas Day Service in Kandy and this was an interesting experience with a church packed with local residents and just a very few Europeans. The Church is alongside the Temple of the Tooth.

I am sure you will enjoy the trip it is up to the usual very high standard that you expect from Exodus. 




Thanks for your message Barry, I'm really glad you enjoyed the trip, but how sad it must have been for you to learn of the tsunami and what it did to the area and people. It's really good to know that Exodus and their tour leaders have continued to help them.

 What other trips have you done with Exodus that you can recommend? this will be my first...


Blimey - you're keen. Yes, I'm meant to be on this trip too.  A bit nervous about whether my cycling is up to standard but, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I went on the Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam trip last Christmas (which was an easier grade trip) and enjoyed that, so will give it another shot.

I've already got my visa.  How about you? (its brilliant that there are no extra jabs or maleria tabs required for this trip)



Hi Karolyn - thanks for your message - wondering if we are talking about the same trip though?? mine is  described as 'leisurely', and there is only one day of cycling? Maybe you're going on the other one to Sri Lanka, think it departs the same day...anyway, either way, I'm sure we'll have a great time!  And yes, got my visa this week, seemed far too easy, and had my hep A jab last week, but no typhoid jab, apparently the UK has run out. Good to know that you enjoyed your last trip - I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to Xmas for the first time in years!




I hope it is the same trip everyone is talking about, leaving the Uk on the 15th of Dec & home on the 30th?
The trip sounds amazing and it's my first Exodus trip too.

Gen :)


Hi Gen - my trip leaves on the 22nd Dec, so not the same one, well, might be the same trip but not the same dates - have a great time though!



That's a shame, I hope you have a great trip too.

Has everyone had the rabies and Japenese E injections?



No, you don't need them Sri Lanka - just had Hep A and Typhoid - famous last words, I'll probably get bitten by a Japanese dog!

Hi, I did this trip last year also with Roshan, in August.  It is definitely not hard work and the cycling is just one day.  You do get a good lunch and be prepared for cricket.

Although some people go bitten on our trip is wasn't bad and I don't think anybody took any extreme precautions.  The leeches were more of a hassle (just on one day!), but Deet gets rid of them too.

It's a great trip.

Have fun


 PS say hi from me if you meet Roshan


Ah, thanks Rob - will do - getting very excited now!


Hi Gel,

   I'm booked on the trip for the 22nd to Sri Lanka, I'm so excited!  I only booked the other day so I'm doing things a little last minute. 

I'll be staying on a couple of days longer but I'll be on the same flight over with the rest of the group.  really looking forward to meeting you and having a great Christmas break.



Hi Sal

I've discovered that there are 3 trips to Sri Lanka all leaving on the 22nd - Highlights of SL, SL Highlands, and Discover SL, confusing or what? - do you know which one you are on? either way, we'll probably see each other on the plane, and if you're not on my trip (Discover SL), have a brilliant time!



Hi Gel,

   thanks for your message.  Aw that all makes sense now,  I'm on the slightly shorter Highlights of SL trip.  I decided on this one so that I could extend my trip by a couple of days and stay around the Pinnewala elephant orphanage - I love elephants so I'm so excited about this trip.

Have a lovely time ang hope to meet you at the airport or on the plane.


I thought I'd be specific because of the 3 almost identical trips ... :-)

Anyone else going on this one?- I'll be there!

 (I guess all 3 trips will fill the same plane! :-)) 

looking forward to it ...


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