Discover Sri Lanka, 30 November


 Just wanted to say hello and make contact with others who are doing this trip.  Not too long to wait now!



I'm doing this trip. Nice to mee you Sue:)



Hi, I'm Helen and I'm going on this trip too, can't wait.

Hi Galina and Helen - glad you have made contact.  For me the holiday cannot arrive quick enough, I feel in need of a break!

Where are you both travelling from?  I am in Norwich.



Hi Sue,
It can't come quick enough for me either! I'm travelling from Surrey, not far from the airport! Have you travelled with exodus before?

Hi Helen - yes I have done quite a few trips with Exodus and not been disappointed yet.


Hi Sue and Helen,

I'm traveling from Riga. Therefore I need to fly to London first to join the group:))


Hi all

I'm Jemma and am also going on this trip. I am so excited! Haven't been away for a couple of years (due to post grad exams - last one in 3 weeks). This is my first trip with Exodus (first of many I hope) and I look forward to meeting you all!! :)


Hi I'm Paul. Good to see so many posts, like everyone else I can't wait for this trip especially with the cold and wet week we're having. I'm based in Manchester so I guess should be used to rain by now

Hi everyone - good that everyone is getting in touch - not sure how many have booked for holiday but now know there are at least 5 of us :-)

Perhaps nearer the time we will need to arrange to meet up at Heathrow before the flight. 

Look forward to meeting you all - and good luck with your final exam Jemma.


Hi All,

Have just booked onto this ^_^, I'm also based in Manchester but will be popping over from our Doha offices to join you all.


Hi all you may have seen the option to extend the holiday with time in the Maldives. I'm tempted by the prospect of going on to the Maldives for a few days!! It's not cheap but is anyone else thinking the same or has already booked the Maldives? If so please let me know thanks. Paul

Hi Paul - I decided not to do the extension to Maldives as was not sure if I fancied it, so will be heading back to England at the end of the trip, hoping it won't be too cold ;-)  Sue


Nice to see everyone posting. I think the trip is full as when I booked there were 2 places left then the trip disappeared! I've done several trips with Exodus but never a solo one. I'm coming from Winchester so it would be good to meet people at Heathrow. Looking forward to it. Esther


Hi everyone

Hope those of you travelling from Heathrow are up to meeting prior to the flight.  I have looked at the Terminal 4 map of the departure lounge and there appears to be a Costa café which may be a good place to meet.  My bus gets into the Heathrow just after 6pm so will aim to get to there about 7.00/7.30 so perhaps a coffee before the plane leaves?  Sue

Hi Sue - sounds like a plan - how do you propose recognising each other?

Hi Esther, I haven't thought that far ahead - let's see if anyone else is up for meeting and I will come up with a plan before the day.  Sue


I am definitely up for meeting at Heathrow. I will be coming in by tube from Hammersmith. I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on baggage? I haven't been on one of these trips before - are people going with suitcases or travel backpacks? I know there's a lot of one night stops but I am hoping that we are able to leave our bags in the minibus/hotel whilst out and about. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Jemma :) PS Sue, I passed my exam so lots of celebrations to be had on the trip!!

Hi Jemma,

 I usually take some form of squishy bag rather than a suitcase. Usually carry a day sack and leave main luggage in hotels or on bus in my experience. The trouble with rucksacks is if you need something at the bottom you have to keep unpacking and repacking!  - hope that helps.



Hi Esther

 Thanks for your advice - that's what I was thinking. I look forward to meeting you in a few weeks time (can't believe it's just round the corner).


Hi Jenna, yes it's come round really quickly! Looking forward to meeting you too :-)


Hi all I'm travelling from Manchester and should be there in plenty of time to meet up. Is it worth sharing mobile numbers and then we can communicate by text. Maybe posting mobiles on here isn't the best idea but maybe we could share via email if safer?
My email is [email protected] if anyone wants to do it this way.

Sorry Jemma - stupid predictive text!!

Hi everyone

Jemma - congratulations on passing your exam!  Re your query re baggage, I agree with Esther.  I generally take a soft bag with wheels and a small rack sack that I can use during the day.  Exodus are very good at transferring luggage which usually sits on the bus whilst travelling around. 

Paul - I will contact you by e-mail nearer the time - I think wearing carnations is now a bit dated ;-).  We will sort something out even if it is a stick on label on day rack sack with Exodus Sri Lanka on it!!  

See you all soon.




Hi everyone,

 I'm Katie and I can't wait for this holiday. I live near Huddersfield so will be flying out from Manchester and will hopefully be chilling on the beach at the hotel with a drink by the time you all arrive on the London flight. I get into Colombo at 830am!!

Luck forward to meeting you all and having a great holiday.

Take care



Hi everyone

I will put a sticky label on my rack sack next Saturday and head for the Costa café when I clear passport, etc.  Hopefully we will be able to spot each other if others also do a similar thing. 

Hi Katie - look forward to meeting you in Colombo.




I have travelled a lot with exodus and this trip was actually the first trip I ever did December last year and went to Maldives for New Years . I have been sick so I found the stairs hard and couldn't do all the outings but loved it so much I am going back this year to finish what I couldn't do last year. First and formost the tour leader and drivers were fanatic! I would not worry about identify each other as last year the luggage tags that exodus sent us are very helpful identifiyig each other on checkin line. As far as luggage is concerned a bag on wheels is ideal soft or hard case. Last year. Totally overpacked and had a massive suitcase and was handled no problem. What I have found on most of my trips since is to have a day bag and comfortable shoes to walk in. Last year the first few days we had monsoon rain and we still did the elephant rides and I have never laughed so much in my life!!! So bring a good lightweight raincoat just in case. What I and most people did was after the day before dinner go and shower and change and freshen up and wear the clothes u are going to wear the next day and adjust if need be in the morning. Honestly don't worry too much and bring your essentials and the things you need. Anything you forget you can get or if someone forgot something just nicely ask the drivers and leader and they will make sure they advise you where to get it. I know our drivers last year even found a place to fix one of the ladies sandals while we were doing the excursions!! Like I said above the leader and drivers were great so fingers crossed all are the same but I am sure they will be as the hospitality was fantastic.

So definately brings comfy shoes, raincoat, bag on wheels (I think for me is best), exodus luggage labels to identify in airport at Costa or the checkin line. If you haven't received luggage tag I would email or call exodus to get them sent out ASAP ,

I hope this helps and see u all att he airport if not meeting the leader in Colombo ! They normally have a clipboard with the exodus logo to identify themselves.

Take care rachel


That's really useful to know thanks. The fact you're going back to finish the holiday speaks volumes. See everyone in a weeks time

Hi Rachel,

I am just wandering how much walking there is as I have had hip surgery and fully intend to do everything but want to know if you think it's worth me taking walking poles or if it's fairly easy?

 Thanks Esther 


Umm i think that would be a personal choice.  I will say where i had trouble keeping in mind i have had extensive abdominal surgery and before i went on this trip could not do 20 stairs and after this trip my confidence and walking was fantastic.  The sites and excusions are exceptional and half the time i forgot about the issues I was trying to favour.  I think the longest walking trip was about 2 hours and your walking poles probably be a comfort more then anything.  It wouldnt hurt taking them and leaving them in the bus if you dont think you need them.  Also just ask the tour leader what is suitable and not.  The jungle trek half way through i would definately recommend them and also long trousers as my daughter said Roshan(tour leader) was picking the leachs off the girls with shorts and ankles that were exposed but he does tell you and if its not for you .. the drivers and hotels that I stayed in were great and I spent quite a few hours "hanging back" on the bus if I felt i couldnt do it.  But Roshan gives a briefing before each day and anwsers all questions.  I am happy to anwser anything but it might just be repeated!   lol  Hope this helps

Thanks Rachel - guess it's better to have them just in case!


One other thing that may be helpful... during the middle of the trip we travel to high altitutude where the locals go when its to cool off from the heat at times.  Last december I couldnt believe how cold it was compared to the lower altitutudes.  So make sure you have at least one sweatshirt or coat to put on.  I would say the temperture was around 25-30 lower altitutudes but then 15-20 c at the higher.  My last group kept saying we felt like we were at home for the day with the weather!

15-20 if only it was that warm here!

Are good trainers ok for the walking or are boots necessary?

It's great 2 have some inside info!! Thank u



i wore my flipflops most of the time.  But on the walks trainers are ok for the ones i did but please keep in mind i didnt do the worlds end walk and jungle walk etc and when people got back they were all knackered.  I am going to bring my walking shoes this time as I am determined to do everything this time.


I asked Niraj whether the hotels we stay at provide towels for use by the pool or in the sea and have been told that in all cases towels are available. This may help anyone thinking of squeezing a beach towel into your luggage.
See you all Saturday/Sunday ????

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