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Hi, is anyone booked on or thinking of booking on the Sri Lanka tour on 23rd Feb? It's the one recommended for solo travellers.

I'll be booking once my new passport arrives. This is my first ever solo trip so quite nervous but excited :)

Apologies it's Sat 22nd Feb 2014

Hi Julie, I've just recently booked on the Discover Sri Lanka Tour Feb 2014. This is also my first ever solo trip so i'm quite nervous about it too! Lynsey

Hi Lynsey, I'm sure we will be fine, just nerve wracking at first! Are you taking the group flight from heathrow?

I'm still awaiting my passport before booking the trip but my annual leave from work is already sorted :)


Hi Julie, yes i'm sure we'll be fine, i'm already getting very excited! I've bought myself a travel guide to read.

Yes i'm taking the group flight from Heathrow as thats the closest airport to me, I live in Aylesbury, Bucks.




Hi Lynsey, hope you are well.
I've booked this trip now, it's official!

I'll also be flying from Hearhrow although its probably one of the furthest airports from where I live!

I've started writing my packing list already :)


Hi Julie, glad to hear you've booked on the trip. I see on the website that the trip is now guaranteed which is great news. You must be keen to have already started a packing list! Lynsey


Hi all - I have just swapped trips and am now booked on the Discover Sri Lanka tour. I can't wait either!


Hi Cara, welcome aboard!

I can't believe how fast it is coming around! Excited :)




It has to be the best time to go too - just as the post Christmas blues are really kicking in, we have an amazing trip to look forward to :-)

Now to start my packing list.......



I'm booked on this trip too now! Is anyone else flying from Manchester with Emirates? Looking to share taxi from the airport if so...

Thanks Siobhan


Hi I'm thinking of booking this trip. Not sure where to fly from though as I live in the north. Is it best to pay single supplement or share. What's everyone doing?

Hi Jane,

I also live in the North, however I am getting the group flight from Heathrow. This is my first solo trip so I thought I'd play safe!

I'm sharing, what I don't spend on a single supplement, I can spend whilst in Sri Lanka :)


Hi Julie,

I've done it! Booked on the Heathrow flight and sharing. I got the last available place. Done one solo trip before, walking in Crete, but nothing like this so quite nervous. But excited too.

Excellent Jane, It's coming around really quickly now! I've refrained from starting to pack yet though :)

I'm nervous but excited too. Once I get myself to Heathrow I'm sure I'll start to relax. I can't wait!


Hi Julie

I've started packing. Couldn't wait any longer... Think I need to go shopping! :)

If anyone is interested in meeting up for a drink at Heathrow prior to the flight let me know and I'll give you my email address so we can exchange messages/numbers :)

Jane, I need to go shopping too! I'm hoping the summer clothes are in the shops by February!


Hi Julie, would like to meet for drink at airport before flight.. Think I will be arriving at Heathrow about 5.30 pm.

Hi Jane, hope the packing is going well!

My e-mail address is [email protected]

Drop me a line at some point and we can sort out meeting up or packing queries! :)



Hi Julie

It would be great to meet up at the airport before the flight, I'll e-mail you nearer the time.

My e-mail is [email protected] 



Hi Everyone!!

 I'm booked on the trip and am also getting the 21:00 flight on 22nd! Will you guys be meeting fro a drink before the flight?

See you all in two weeks! 


Hi Monique,

Yes I think we will be meeting up before the flight. Drop myself or Lynsey an e-mail before we go and we can sort it out if you'd like to join us :)


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