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Have decided to book my own flight and go out a day early so will fly on 7th and have a day relaxing at the hotel. Wondered if anyone else was planning to be there early. 


Hi Rosemary,

Alan and I are hoping to arrive on the morning of the 9th as we are flying via Doha. However we only have a 50 minute turn around time between flights which I am slightly worried about, but fingers crossed!

So we may be there a little in advance of the main party!

Have you done an Exodus trip before?

Hope to hear from you before we go, if not, looking forward to meeting you when we get there. 

Best wishes, Alison 

Ali T


Hi Ali 

Good to hear from you.

I'm flying with Emirates via Dubai. I should arrive at our hotel late in the afternoon on the 8th, by which point I think it will be shower, food and crash out!! Maybe a swim in the morning.

Yes, I've been twice before with Exodus, one overland many years ago and last March a trip in Morocco. Have survived and enjoyed both. I've high expectations of Sri Lanka as everyone I know who's been there loved it.

Look forward to meeting you both, 


Hi all,

I was able to take the last spot on this trip last week. Very happy, I've heard a lot about it, all very positive.

And Alison, I'm also flying via Doha, if you are on flight QR0658, arriving in Colombo the morning of Sunday Feb 9, we are on the same flight. Maybe if we find eachother, we can share a taxi.

Look forward to meeting you all,

Regards, Veronique


Hi Veronique.

Lovely to hear from you.

Yes, we are on that flight as long as we make the connecting flight from Heathrow as there is only a 55 minute turn around time!

Where are you travelling from?

My understanding is that Exodus have arranged transport from Colombo to the hotel on the way out but that we have to organise our own taxi on the way back but I may have to check that!

Starting to get excited now. Looking forward to what we hope will be a great trip with good company.

We have done 2 trips with Exodus in the past - a walking holiday in Italy and a family holiday in Finland but they were several years ago so we're hoping this will be just as good.

Looking forward to meeting you soon - we'll keep a sneaky look out for you at Doha!

Best wishes,

Ali and Alan

Ali T


Hi Veronique

Good to hear from another fellow traveller.

Hope you'll all have a smooth journey out. I'm just hoping that winter doesn't suddenly dramatically hit with heavy snow at the beginning of February! I'm leaving from Gatwick and they've already had enough problems with flooding on that line and at the airport.

See you in a few weeks, 



Hi fellow travellers

 I am looking forward to my forthcoming trip and just wondered if anyone else was flying from Manchester.

I am flying from Manchester to Colombo via Dubai on Emirates flight EK020 at 20.10 on Sat 8th February arriving in Colombo on flight EK654 at 14.50 on Sun 9th February. Is anyone else travelling on this flight so we could meet up and share a taxi from Colombo to Hotel in Marawila. Would be good to hear from fellow travellers whether flying from Manchester Heathrow or Gatwick. Look forward to meeting you all.




Hi Margaret.

Can't help on the transfer front as we are flying from Heathrow via Doha and are due in to Colombo around 7.30 am, however it's good to hear from another traveller in our group and Alan and I are very much looking forward both to the trip, and to meeting everyone in person. I hope you have a safe journey and find someone to share the taxi with.

Best wishes,




Ali T


Hi Margaret

I'm on that Emirates flight, but 24 hours earlier I'm afraid! Maybe we're be travelling back on the same flight though. Mine leaves on 23rd at 17.25, but I certainly don't want to think about that yet. It will be so good to get away from the greyness of this winter. 

Look forward to meeting you next Sunday.

All best wishes, 



HI Rosemary

Good to hear from you - pity you are a day earlier but never mind wish I had thought to travel out a day earlier! We will be travelling back on the same flight from Colomo at 17.25 via Dubai where I have nearly a 6 hour wait - do you? The flight from Dubai back to Manchester leaves at 3am from Dubai and lands in Manchester on Mon 24th at 07.05am Would be good if you are on the same flight as we can be company for each other on the long wait in Dubai!

 Look forward to meeting you next Sunday

Best wishes  



Hello again

I've got a gap between transfers of just under 5 hours at Dubai as I take off at 1.20 and arrive back at Heathrow at 5.10. so it will definitely be good to have some company. I've arranged with Exodus to have the group transport to get me to the airport on 23rd even though I'll be hanging around there for a bit. Seemed a better idea than a few extra hours at the hotel and a taxi.

Actually my 20.10 flight out is, I've now noticed, EK010 as it's from Gatwick. Strange that it leaves at exactly the same time. 

Have a good journey out,



Hi again

Thats good that we share some time in Dubai on return journey home. I am hoping that I might meet someone else on the trip or at the hotel with whom I could share a taxi back to Colombo on 23rd. 

Hope you have a good journey 

best wishes


Hi everybody - looking forward to meeting you all on Sunday !

 Alison & Alan, I just checked in on-line for the flights, and on the flight from Doha to Colombo I have seat 37F. So hope you still read this, thought this would make it easier to find eachother later at Colombo airport and maybe share a taxi. My understanding is that Exodus organizes the transfer only for the group flight, but that's 5 hours later.

Good luck in making the transfer at Doha ! See you soon,




Last bit of packing to do this morning then I'm off to Gatwick this afternoon.

Have a good journey everyone. See you in Marawila!

All best wishes, 




Hi all.

Well the lists of lists are growing longer but all checked in and bags almost packed!

Veronique, we are in row 22 D for the Doha Colombo flight so will look out for you. I checked the details and we have got an onward transfer from the airport with Exodus so if there is enough room and we can, we would be more than happy for you to share that with us.

Must remember to change some money at Colombo before that though!

Rosemary, have a safe journey and save a sunbed for us!

Looking forward to finally meeeting everyone on Sunday.

Happy travels all.

Best wishes,

Ali and Alan ;) 


Ali T

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