Discover Thailand Cambodia and Laos 7th Nov Hello!

Hello, Is anyone else going on this trip?  This is my first time travelling alone so would love to say hi!



 See you there. I too am on the tour. Are you flying out with the group or making your way on your own? I am heading early to have a few days in Thailand before the tour starts.



Hi I'll also see you there. I'm going on the Exodus flights, but a slightly earlier one to everyone else. I'm also travelling alone and this will be my first time in that part of the world and I'm getting very excited. 



I'm also on this trip - was looking on the facebook site to see if anyone was going and was beginning to think I would be on my lonesome.  Then I remembered departure lounge. On a direct flight with Thai, arriving same day as the group but get in a bit earlier.  Anyone taking anti malaria tablets for Laos?




 Well I get in on the Monday and then take off into the countryside for a few days. I will be back in the hotel in Bangkok by Thursday evening. Perhaps those of us who are in early can meet for a drink in the hotel Thurs or Fri evening before everyone else arrives?

 We can have a chat and compare our malarial tablets!


Maggie and I are also on the Thai flight arriving about 6.20am sooooo Debra perhaps we will see you on the flight.

We will be taking Malerone for Malaria. Looking at the malaria incidence map it looks appropriate.

First trip to this part of the world albeit we have trekked in Nepal with Exodus. We are also getting exited about the trip. Three weeks to go!

Peter and Maggie


departure is looming rather faster than anticipated!

Peter do you and Maggie have a transfer?  We'll probably be on the same one.

George, getting in on Friday morning so will have to pass on the Thursday night drink but imagine that there will be a group meeting in the evening. Happy to meet up if any of the early birds fancy hooking up for lunch and/or an afternoon wander. I believe the hotel is in a good location and the MBK beckons :)


Sounds like there are a few of us on the Thai airways flight. I depart Heathrow at 11.50 am. I guess that's the same one. My method of dealing with the jetlag will be attempting to stay awake all day friday and planning on getting out into bangkok for some early sightseeing as it doesn't look like they have much planned for Friday. Haven't made up my mind yet about malaria tablets as I think its only a problem in the jungles. What are others thoughts. Malarone isn't cheap for a three week course. Peter.

Hi Debra

The blurb from exodus says they arrange free transfer from the airport as long as you let them know 2 weeks in advance. I emailed them to advise but they say it needs to come through Trailfinders who we use.

Soooooo how are we going to meet at Heathrow? I refuse to wear a pink rose in my hair.

Peter and Maggie


Peter, when I checked with my health centre I was advised that anti malaria tablets are only required for Laos - with malarone you start the day before entering the area and then continue to take them for 7 days after leaving, so you only need them for 2 weeks.  Cost me around £60 for the tablets (from Boots) and private prescription, an expense I could do well without but then it's an individual choice whether to chance it or not.  I've taken them in the past and had no side effects.  You might get them cheaper from a pharmacy within a supermarket (Tesco/Asda) or a chemist that will dispense them without a £15 prescription.  My coping strategy for jet lag is to check in, sort myself out then take a nap.  I expect to emerge and be raring to go sometime in the (very) early afternoon.

Peter/Maggie, I booked flights and the trip through Trailfinders, from experience they offer a better flight deal and it's so much easier to deal with just one supplier. The tour price is the same if you book with them or Exodus and it's an arrangement that seems to work well.

Midge you started this chain - where have you gone??  Hope you can see that you are never really alone when travelling with Exodus :)




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