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We are interested in this holiday.  We would like to see these countries but are not terribly interested in Temples.  This is not to be disrepectful, just that we have seen a lot of Buddhist Temples in Nepal and Ladakh and their appeal is now limited for us.  To what extent are Temple visits part of this holiday?

We do want to see the ruins at Angkor Wat but I do not want to see the Genocide museum.  Is it possible to avoid this without causing offence?

Thanks in advance for any information.




I would not say that there are that many temple visits during this trip. In Bangkok the temple visits are done along with the Royal Palace which is worth visiting, in Luang Prabang you just pass small temples whilst climbing Phu Si hill so dont need to visit them, and in Vientiane the temples can easily be opted out of. In Phnom Penh I recommend visiting the royal palace and then just giving the temple parts a miss. I believe S21 or the genocide museum is worth visiting as it an important yet tragic part of Khmer history, but again its easily opted out of and a taxi can take you elsewhere whilst the group look around, or you just wait and have a drink outside and then continue on with the group. You would just need to let your leader know on the day when you wanted to opt out of the days sightseeing and do your own thing.

 Nick Nikolsky -Trip Manager


Hi Nick

Thanks for your reply.  That answers my question - I was worried from reading the trip notes that the holiday was spent going from temple to temple... (don't mind a couple but soon get sick...!)  Otherwise the itinerary looks great.




I've been on this trip, and I admit I was a bit templed out by the end. On the plus side, they are often in places from where you get really good views. Angkor Wat is wonderful. As far as the genocide museum is concerned, our guide was passionate about what was done to and in his country, and I think he would have been deeply hurt if someone had shown lack of interest. One of the most uplifting things about the trip was the enormous pride that all the guides had in their countries, and I don't see the point in going if you are not willing to learn about them, good aspects and bad. If you are squeamish, then the exhibit of victims' skulls may upset you, but I thought it was profoundly moving. Whoever thought of it as a concept was a genius! You don't have to get especially close to it if you don't want to. I'm really glad I went on this trip. It was inspiring. and the fish pedicure waas awesome!


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