Does anyone want to meet on departure from Gatwick on Friday 29 March?

Hello fellow travellers!

If you are travelling from Gatwick on Good Friday, does anyone want to make contact at the airport?

I'm not on this trip (wish I was) but I did it a couple of years ago. It is fabulous. Don't underestimate how cold and damp it can be in Japan at this time of year, though. I'd definitely recommend taking a warm hat, gloves, and a warm coat and/or fleece combination. Hope you enjoy it. I'm sure you will.


Hi Bertar21: Well at least two of us are going! I'm flying from Heathrow, so assume we meet up at Dubai? See you then.

RobN: Thanks for the tip - though it's got to be warmer than here!

 Getting really excited now.


Hi debbiea - Hope to see you in Dubai, or perhaps on the plane to Osaka.  There's 2 of us.

 RobN -  Yes, thanks for the tip. I hope I don't have to use the wooly's I'm packing!


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