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When I log in and try to enter the Community section, I get a message which says "a script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly etc etc " and I have to tell it to stop running. Why? Is my technology getting too far behind everyone else's?


Can you please confirm the version o Internet Explorer you are using so we can do some checks. It seems like some issue with the memory of your computer.

Could you please try using a different browser...Firefox and Chrome are my recommendation. If you are using internet exploer 6 then you might like to upgrade at some stage soon.

Please email me the details at [email protected]



Web team




Thanks BrendaT and Catislyn. If you see the pop up again then just do a sreen grab for me so I can share it with developers to investigate this. Without the details of page where you are seeing the pop up, and info about the browser version etc. it is very difficult to replicate/find the issue. We'll carry on with the checks in the meanwhile. Please so send me more details if possible.



[email protected]

Thanks for your comments, Imran. "Do a screen grab"??? You're talking to someone who just presses a few switches and hopes it all works!! However - the good news is that this morning all is working perfectly. You've obviously given something a good talking to. I'll keep an eye on it, though, and let you know if it happens again.


Thanks Catislyn, Excuse my technotalk...Screen grab/ print screen is a button on your keyboard (next to f12 key normally) that takes a picture of the screen you are viewing. If you do see the error/script pop up message then just press that button. Then you can paste the captured image on to an email or on a Word document to email me. We'll continue with our checks to make sure that web is working as it should. ThanksImran[email protected]

Thanks, Exodus!! Now I know what the Prnt Scrn button is for .......

 You're never too old to learn, they say.

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