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Hello, Please can I have advice on what DSLR camera & lense  will be ideal for wildlife photography  I am am amateur and will be getting my first DSLR, I will have 4 months to learn. I know camera is by choice (and entry level), but it will be lense that i really need advice on.   Thanking you all

I read the reviews for the costa rica trip where many said to make sure you have a decent camera/lense, yet no-one is willing to point me in the right direction.   I know it is personal choice, but as others have been on this trip, some pointers would be very welcome as i would like to come home with some photos of wildlife.   cheers

I haven't been on this trip myself but have done some others inc safaris.

I'd recommend something like Canon 550d or similar and the kit lens - 18-55mm it comes with + someting like a 75-300mm lens for further away birds etc.

Hope that helps!


It depends on what your budget is.  If you buy a Canon, an excellent medium telephoto zoom is the 55-250 efs lens, around 200gbp.  Another option would be a a superzoom compact like a Panasonic Lumix or a Fuji, a considerably cheaper alternative, but with good quality pictures possible.  Whichever you buy, read and practice to get the best pictures the camera is capable of.


This is a tremendous trip for photography however, make sure what ever you buy is well waterproofed! My Nikon 3100 "died" mid trip due to being caught in a couple of torrential storms in the rain forest, the rain went straight through both rucksack and camera case. All members of the team suffered from steaming which cleared however mine did not and resulted in an expensive new purchase on arrival home.


Hi, many thanks for help.  I have purchased a Canon 600D, and am now enjoying practicing with it. Im going to hold off on a zoom lens at the moment, and may consider renting one for the trip. 

Thanks again.


agree this is a very hostile environment, choose 1 lense and dont change, go to lakeland and get big verions of dehydration chystals and keep camera in all time

dont rent, they willl prob seee some damage from steaming up anc charge u full price

get a second hand 70- 300 canon lense from shop or e bay, 400 quid new, save lots second hand, lndon camera exchange very good( branches all over)

take a monopod, lot of c rica quite shaded so u will stuggle with light and shutter speed

i got fantastic pics, esp pellicans and tree frogs, trip is brill, dont get frustrated as yu wont allways be in best seat for pics and dont dis happy snappers

get up early- ie 4 am and go wandering

also lots of people/ places photo oppportunities

enjoy views not through shutter, lots goes on o ths trip and if u get too obsced with photographing u will miss lots, also remind very hostile to cameras and quite difficullt photo conditions so good luck and dont get hung up when fellow traveller with point and shoot gets better shot!!!


Hi, I've been to Costa Rica twice. Buy the best 300mm lens you can afford, the bird life is terrific, 300mm lens is still portable and with the high pixel count of today's cameras you can crop the pictures a still get top quality prints A4 size.

As said before if you are going to the Caribbean side [tortagero canal} make sure you have a waterproof camera bag, it always rains at some stage.

First trip I had a Cannon 550D which got water logged through the rucksack
This year I had a Nikon D90 with a Tamron 70-300mm lens and a waterproof camera bag, terrific results.


Recently, I decided usin mirrorless camera (http://yitechnology.com/) on all my projects. A new venture and it's quite challenging using it on different types of scenery.

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