Early Bird discount


If you book a trekking holiday between now and the end of 2012, you can get up to £100 off your trek for next year. I booked a trek for next year a few month ago, so didnt get this early bird special. Im sure im not the only one who has too. I know the T&C says after the 8th Oct, but seems a little unfair for us that have already booked

Im thinking of emailing Exodus to see if i can get £100 knocked off my trip, anyone else done/going to do the same?

Hi Paul,

I've recently asked Exodus it I can get the discount, as I booked my 2013 trip in August last year. They're saying that I don't qualify. I have replied saying that, as there weren't many 2013 trip advertised when I booked surely the few of us who booked earlier than October should recieve the discount. We'll see what they say.

p ryan

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