Hi , just wanted to meet our fellow trek buddies , me n sis joining this trip 23rd April 2014


hi coly    im thinking of going on this trip im having to go on my own as nobody i know would come :( lol  bit concerned that exodus seems to have cut this trek from 19 days to 17 days

i hope your trainings going well



Hi Gary

 Apologies as I only just realised I had a reply !!! ( How very ignorant of me !!) You should come and prove to all the others what a bunch of lightweights they are lol !  Me n sis are attempting Kilimanjaro Lemosho route in 58 days ( not that I am counting ) ...... my training leaves A LOT to be desired but am now hauling my sorry backside out of bed at 6.30 am EVERY morning to face .... THE ESCALATOR OF DOOM (Stairmaster to most people ) to make up for my sheer laziness over the past .. ahem .... few months !!

Me thinks EBC will be a nice gentle walk in the park after Kili ( all being well we cope with the altitidue that is ) .  We did the Inca Trail in Peru 2 years back and absolutely loved every step of the way .

If you do decide to book , you will not be alone , quite the reverse actually as me N sis can chat for blummin Britain ........ just remember to pack your ear plugs and you will be just fine n dandy !!!




You seem to be doing my bucket list it was a toss up between ebc and the inca trail. i hope your training is going well for Kilimanjaro only 48 days you must be getting very exited.


Hi Gary

 Think the nerves are taking over the excited part !!! You decided on EBC yet ??


Sorry i haven't replayed quicker I've just come back from a week in Florida I'm not going to know if i can make the trek until mid December things are looking good at the moment though. I'll probably know while your making your way up Kilimanjaro, i hope the nerves are subsiding a little now. I'm sure you and your sister will be just fine. In an ideal world I'd have liked to have gone in December but as my kids birthdays are late November and 2days before Christmas exodus haven't got a trek in 2014 that I can do without missing one of there birthdays(more than my life worth lol ) this looks like the best date for me. So after you have done ebc where next have you got planned for yourself and your sis?. Gary

Hi Colette, just booked onto the same trip as you. I've done a few trips in the last 5 or 6 years but for the first time my wife has decided to come to, I think we are numbers 9 and 10 in the group which looks yo have a good mix of ages.
Good luck with your killi trip I did it in 06 by the Shira route was a great trip summit day was real long and tough but being at Stella point for sunrise made it all worthwhile P


Hi Simon

Look forward to meeting you both .  Thanks for the Good Luck wishes , getting very very anxious now ( we leave on Sunday !!! ) .  Think EBC will be a nice leisurely stroll if we manage Kili lol !!!   And Gary , after EBC and Kili it looks like we are planning a nice easy trip .... my sister wants to see the Northern lights and do the husky sled over the arctic circle .  Had to laugh as my mum and uncle now fancy coming , I did point out that the instructions tell you not to let go of the dogs as they wont wait for you and we will probably make National News ..... " 2 pensioners missing somewhere in the Arctic Circle , last seen chasing the Northern Lights !!"



Have a great trip x


Hi guys!

I'm also on the TNT, just over a week earlier (14th of April). Wondering if there are any others joining this group? 

SO excited about it, but a little worried about what gear I should take and how I'll manage with the altitude. I was fine doing the Inca trail (although legs, hands and face were all completely swollen), but this will be around 1'500 m higher!!



Hi Joanna, I am considering the Everest Base Camp trek 13th April to 1st May 14 as we are to spend two nights actually camping at base camp. It seems to be a good idea to be there during the 60th anniversary month of the ascent of Everest. Like you I am a little concerned about the effect of the altitude. I am still looking into the sourcing some extra equipment I that will need. I may even consider going out to Kathmandu a day early to help with a partial acclimatisation, as this was suggested by Ian Langford of Exodus (he implied that it might only cost a further £50 for the hotel) . Back in 2009 I did the Haute Trek with Exodus, which was thoroughly amazing.


Hi Burnsie

I'm also booked on the 4th of April EBC Expedition Trek..Only 10 weeks away now. I cannot wait!....Like veryone else I am also concerned about altitude and acclimitisation, as it is so difficult to prepare for a trip like this..I could also do with some advice on what kit to buy...I am looking at hiring a good down sleeping bag as we are sleeping at base camp for 2 nights, with temperatures predicted @ -7c. Also I am not sure if I need to pack a 'down jacket', as I'm not sure if I need one.

Any advice would be much appreciated!  

Hi hoseman
Some friends just came ack from kili and no probs with ams so here's hoping. I'm not taking anything medical just relying on good old fashioned training and climb high sleep low, reckon they know what the're talking about. Got own bag -12 degree and matress (helium 3.8). Berghaus mt Asgard jacket synthetic not down as that clumps up when damp/wet. Tried it out today in snowdonia and was superb- had to take off as was too hot even in the snow !!
Where are you in the world? Are you taking the group trip from heathrow ?
Let me know as good to speak to someone else doing the same daft but exciting trip !!! Cheers

Ps - would suggest a jacket especially for the evenings (buy/hire) as sitting around playing cards gets coldddddd especially at EBC !


Hi Burnsie

I am from Milton Keynes so I will be flying from Heathrow. There are not many mountains in Milton keynes, so training is difficult…But I am doing long walks and jogging to try an increase stamina and cardio vascular fitness…

Thanks for the tips RE equipment. I was looking at hiring a down jacket. The Rab Mens Neutrino Endurance Jacket, looks like a really good bit of kit, which is £250 to buy brand new, but I can hire one for £60. Or alternatively I could go for a cheaper synthetic down jacket. And I was looking at the Lowe Alpine Glacier Point Men's Insulated Jacket which I can buy brand new for £69…

Ive not even thought about a mattress, but I will look into the helium mattress that you mentioned. (That might be a good idea). Also, any other advice you can give me RE: equipment would be useful, as this is all new to me.

Finally it look like I will be getting my Visa at Katmandu, on arrival. I assume you will be doing the same?

Anyway, its good to communicate with somebody else who is planning this trip, so I can 'compare notes'


Hello. two of us will be making this trip. we have chosen to go a day earlier. fly out on the Saturday. the cost was under £40 pounds each. hopefully to acclimatise and have a look round.

Keep Fit and Well



Hi There....Its good to see a few postings on here.


I just wanted to say a big thank you to Di. A very good post, with lots of good info. I hope you had a great trip in December…But I bet it was friggin cold :o)


jolly cold at night, but warm during the day!

Hi All - thanks for the recent information which is all appreciated.

I had heard about the meat but thought they were monkeying around - will go veggie on arrival I guess!

Regarding kit - I guess it's personal taste, I wanted to buy some new decent gear that I could try out here (limited as it is) but so pleased I did. Like you say Di if anything delay syou it can comprimise the onward plans including kit hire / purchase.

I'll be getting my Visa over her so I can chill when we arrive ! 

DI - what tablets did you use for the water and did you use any flavouring etc - I am told that the water tastes pretty rank after steralising etc but absolutely necessary and drink loads & loads & loads ...

Hoseman - I live in Maidstone, Kent and planning a week in Snowdonia again late Feb / early March - just for final walks "in them hills".

It will be great to meet and I'm sure we will have more posts before travelling. 

Ps - If you have a Cotswold Outoor store locally ? I mentioned that I was doing this trip to them and they siad that CO gives 15% off non sale items. My £200 jacket down to £170 - might be worth a punt !! 

Anyone else out there doing this trip that wants to join in?? Be great. 

Speak soon. 


I took purification tabs but never used them as there was eboth boiled and mineral water available everywhere. If you're staying at EBC then that might not be the case for those nights. i took Nuun tablets for flavour (available from wiggle.co.
.uk) because I'm diabetic and many other ones have sugar in. Nuun also work for rehydration in case of stomach probs so dual purpose.

meat -up to Namche should be OK as it's fresh. Above that, avoid (all those in our group who had meat got stomach bugs).

Hi Di

Thanks very much and  does the boiled water come out okay - ignoring the flavour?  At EBC x2 overnight we'll have to have something cos I'm not carrying that much water ! They say drink about 4 litres / day but what would you say ? What is dhal baat?  



you can get pizza, chips, pasta etc in the teahouses. But why go all the way to Everest just to eat pizza and chips? Avoid even meat pizza too (and the cheese is a bit funny). Eat the local food, experience a bit of local culture, it's by far the best way.

water and food are more expensive the higher you go. I was a bit nervous of purifying my own so I used boiled mostly. Best thing is to get your water bottle filled with boiling water at night to use as a hot water bottle in bed, then drink it the next day. Or if you get it in the morning, it will be hot which is nice on the cold mrnings, especially if you add flavouring. You can get very bored of water, though there are 100 varieties of tea. also in the evening get a small pot of tea or hot lemon etc. this is actually a thermos of about 1.5 litres worth! Good value and it gets you hydrated and keeps you warm!
Food and tea/water is pretty cheap. I spent less than 200 pounds for all my expenses on trek, though some spent a lot more.


boiled water tastes absolutely fine btw. Drink at least 4 litres a day, plus more in soup etc. The pee test is a good indicator (it should be clear and you should be peeing frequently, every 3 hours or so in daytime). If you have any symptoms eg headache, feeling sick etc, you need. to drink more. I can't reccommend strongly enough using a hydration system (camelbak, platypus etc) so you don't have to stop and faff getting your water out of your bag. I guarantee you won't drink enough otherwise (and it's annoying to have to ask others to get your bottle out of your bag for you). but take a metal bottle too (see my other post about the hot water bottle).


Hi Di...Many thanks for your much valued advice, whcih is alway appreciated. This trip is SO difficult tp pack for. Maybe you can help me with a few other question:

 1. Do I need to take trekking poles? I am thinking its best to not bother…But if I need them I assume I can get them in Katmandu or Namche Bazzar?? 

 2. How critical is the 10kg check in limit on the flight to Lukla??…I read in a forum that its not import because if you are over, the flight company only charges an additional $1 per kilo. But I dont know for sure how accurate this info is…So my question is how critical is the 10KG check in limit??

 3. Does Exodus still supply a kit bag, and do I get it on arrival in Katmandu? 

4. Can you recommend a cheap, reasonable quality, lightweight, waterproof. goretex jacket, for when it rains?

Many thanks in advance





No worries.

1. You could get some there, but it's just a question of how much time you have to do so (if your flight's delayed, for instance, you may not have time). I'd strongly recommend them - at altitude you'll definitely be tired at some point, and they really help conserve energy (plus there are some steep descents, where they're useful if you have any kind of knee twinges). Most of our group took them, but some managed without. When you say "not bother" are you worried about packing them? You do need to pack them in your kitbag not your hand luggage, but they'll fit in an Exodus kitbag.

2. The 10kg limit is very strict (and so is the 5kg hand luggage limit). However don't worry if you go over the limit, you just have to pay $1US for every kilo you're over the limit. But I recommend sticking to as close to the limit as you can. I had to take a lot of medical kit with me and I still managed to make the limit without too much difficulty. You don't need much as everything will be get dirty anyway, so no point wearing clean clothes! 

3. Yes, Exodus will send you a free kitbag in the post, unless you don't live in the UK. It should tell you this in the trip notes. You don't have to use it, but t's very good quality and is easily big enough for everything you need. You should also take a small bag that you can leave any extra gear in in Kathmandu that you won't need on trek (or pack your kitbag in a suitcase, and leave the suitcase in Kathmandu. It'll be stored securely in the hotel.

4. Jacket. It's really a matter of preference as to what you like, but I'd recommend going for quality over price every time. Get as good quality as you can afford, cheaper ones (even Goretex) just aren't as waterproof. Also, don't restrict yourself to Goretex - some other fabrics like EVENT are actually just as waterproof and better at wicking sweat so you won't get clammy and cold. You also need to make sure that's it's windproof, as it can get very windy even if it's not wet. My best advice is to go to a reputable outdoor shop (eg Cotswold) and ask their advice. I took this Rab jacket (not the lightest but very windproof and good as an extra layer in the cold) ttp://rab.uk.com/products/womens-clothing/shell/womens-vidda-jacket.html 

It's Event not Goretex, and has never let me down yet. I wore it to climb Kilimanjaro too. 

There are always sales on, so you can probably get something good for under £100 if you look around. Anyway, if you're doing any kind of preparation for your trek, you'll need a really good waterproof jacket in the UK, so worth some investment! I would say there are only 3 things you really need to get that are high quality: jacket, boots and sleeping bag. Everything else, you can get by with, layer if cold etc. 



Hi Di...Thanks again for all the advice. I;m hiring a good quality Rab down jacket. But I dont think I will be wearing it when I am walking...Also I am mindful that, as it is a down jacket it will not be water proof. So...I just need a good lightweight breathable & waterproof jacket for when I'm walking, and as you say It will be best to spend a bit on quality.....I think I will need to shop around.

Thanks again for all the advice


Hi guys,

Im doing EBC on the 18th April London departure - are any of you guys? I'm excited and nervous over this one but am hoping that doing Kili and Toubakal over the last 2 yrs will help me in some way shape or form!

Some great advice already on here and it seems Im going to be veggie for a while! Good luck to you all and I hope to meet some of you along the way!



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