Ecuador and Galapagos - March/April 13 - are you out there?

Hi, I'm booked on the Galapagos to Amazon trip leaving on 19th March 13, and then on to Andes and Amazon from 5th April 13.

It would be great to hear from anyone booked on either trip.



Love the description of the trip Andes to Amazon! Debating going with my spouse - I've reserved 2 spaces and will decide in the next two days. Only thing holding me back right now are the health issues (typhoid, malaria etc) and personal safety (personal assults and armed gangs in the north)


HI Karen. Where are you from? See you in the Quito for Andes to Amazon on April 5th. We just finalized today - there is only one more spot as far as I am aware. Should be a full group!  ~ Natasha




Hi Natasha,

I'm in Oxted, Surrey, how about you? Although I'm out in Sydney at the moment, staying with my sister. Bought some great anti-mossie clothing in the Kathmandu outlet shop yesterday!

I think it'll be a great trip - I look forward to seeing you in Quito on the 5th. I'm on the Galapagos to Amazon trip before that.




Hi Karen,

Sounds like you are on an amazing journey alrady! You will be a pro about Ecuador before we meet.

We are from Pickering, Canada. Looking forward to meeting you at the hotel in Quito. Let's see if any of our other travellers check in and say 'hi' here.  ~ Natasha

Hi Natasha,

I see that you have made your own arrangements to get to Quito and was wondering what time your plane arrives in Quito?  I also will be arriving on my own and have requested to be met at the airport.  Just wondering if there's any chance we will be arriving around the same time.

I'm really looking forward to this trip!




Hi Beth - looking forward to meeting you in a few days!

Since we are not from UK, we had to do our own flights. Joe and I are arriving in Quito on April 4th - 9:58pm Delta Air. Should I watch for you? We too requested to be met at the airport - hitting the ground running is always the hardest part so I really appreciate this service. We are booked in the same hotel as the trip will be in the next night. 

 A heads-up for our trip: Apparently many vendors don't have change for larger US bills (ie 20's) and will not accept worn bills 



Hi Natasha - thank you for your prompt reply!  I will be arriving on April 5th, so I probably won't see you at the airport.  Your idea of arriving a night early is a good one.  I am beginning to stress that it will be late when I get to the hotel on Friday night.  I've heard that the trip from the airport to town is about 1hr 15min when there is no traffic, and longer during traffic and construction.  By arriving on the 4th you'll have time to arrive and relax - great idea!

Thanks for the tip on the size and condition of US bills.

Looking forward to meeting you both in less than 2 wks.



Hi both,

I am laready in Quito on an earlier trip and can confirm both bits of advice. The trip form the airport takes about an hour, its quite a way out, but is pretty straghtforward. The yellow taxis are the registered ones - you should make sure he puts his meter on as soon as you get in, and ask for an estimate. Or you could ask the hotel for a pick up - they seem very good.

On the dollar bills - absolutely - its really difficult to get change for more than a $20 in smaller places and for drinks etc. If you do have a couple of bigger notes they are OK for bar bills etc. If you cna get 10s and 5s all the better.

I am looking forward to meeting up with you on the 4th'5th. A mother and duaghter who are on our trip have joined us today for our Galapagos trip, which we set off for tomorrow, so there will be a few people we will know of.

have a safe journey and see you soon


Hi Karen,  Thanks for the info! Have a fantastic time in the Galapagos! (I have to admit that I'm envious.) Looking forward to hearing a first hand account about the Galapagos trip - and to meeting everyone shortly. - Beth


Karen, thanks so much for confirming about the cash! We've been collecting small bills over the last 2 weeks since our bank doesn't have a ton of them. Have an amazing time in the Galapagos!

Beth, I guess I'll see you at the hotel. Looking forward to meeting you! I've never been at altitude, so I wanted a bit of time to transition... so I planned one day early. I'm going to wander Quito and its historic buildings. 

I have learned a great altitide trick from my travel doctor. Ask your doctor about it. Starting 5 days before we leave, and until we hit the highest elevation of our trip, we are going to be taking 80-120mg of ginko biloba (over the counter vitamin) 2x a day. It's apparently as good as the prescription meds for altitude (I'm also bringing one treatment of that just in case). I hear about 1/5 get really sick with altitude... don't want it to ruin a beautiful trip!  - Natasha

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