EGYPTOLOGY 25 September

Is anyone on this tour, would love to hear from you before we go.


Hi 'pillybee' Yes I am going on this trip.

It would be great to hear from you

Patricia Harrison


Are you leaving from London, will I be running into you at Heathrow. Maybe we can arrange to meet after checkin for a coffee.

Paula Brown


Hi Paula

Yes I am leaving from London.

I live in Bristol so have booked into the Park Inn Hotel for the Saturday night and will be catching the 'Hoppa' to Heathrow on sunday morning.

Are you part of a party or on your own?

I am traveling alone and will be checking in on line before I leave home.

Have you been on this holiday before?

Patricia Harrison


Yes I am travelling alone. Which I normally do.  I live in London so I will be catching a cab to the airport and booking in on line before I go as well.

I haven't done this trip before, but I have done others with a different company, mainly through Europe. When I did those I was living in Australia. 

This is my first experience with Exodus

Paula Brown


Glad to know that I will not be the only lone traveller!

I have not used exodus before but I have gone to Egypt a couple of times. Our change of hotel at Luxor is a good move for us as I have stayed there before and it has been updated (not sure that we will get the posh new rooms, but either way the grounds and pool are fantastic.

Will you be taking the trip to Abu Simble? I have been before but will be doing it again it is a fabulous place.

Not too sure about the night train, I have heard many a tale about the down side of the trains!!

I could give you my mobile if you like and you could phone at the airport to meet up.

I am a bit of a camera freak by the way and as always will be taking hundreds of smap shots.

Are you Australian or were you just living there for a period of time?


Patricia Harrison


Would love to give you a ring at the airport so we can catch up.

Yes I am Australian will be living in the UK for about five years on an Ancestory Visa. My intentions are to travel as much as I can while I'm here. Been here since 25 July 2011. So much cheaper from the UK than it is from Australia. I am planning a Safari for my next little adventure.

I will be taking the trip to Abu Simble. I look forward to talking to you at the airport about your other trips to Egypt.  Its is good knowing your not the only single traveller.

Regards Paula

Paula Brown



We did this trip around Easter 2009 - it was brilliant. We also did the extra days in Alexandria, which was another long drive but worthwhile. Advice is to do as many of the extra trips as possible - there is probably one almost every day and the price can go up on some if enough people don't go. Abydos is a wow and worth the long drive too, as much because hardly anyone else goes there. 

Take US Dollars if you can.

Trains are fine, and the coach attendants are luvvies - but take earplugs if you're a light sleeper. Wonderful to step off the train in Aswan after smoggy Cairo.

Street-sellers/hawkers can be persistent and sometimes you have to be abrupt. Don't go into a small shop alone and let them shut the door (Aswan). Don't buy bottled water off kids in the street (they may have re-filled old bottles. The coach driver always has a cooler full of bottles. 

 You'll have a great time.





Thanks for these tips it sounds like good advice.

What are the other trips that were offered other than Abu Simble and Abydos?

Also did you have the chance to go on a camel ride?

Patricia Harrison


Thankyou for your tips greatly appreciated, its sounds like we are going to have a great trip.  Will follow your advice



I probably can't recall all of them, but... there were "sound and light shows" in Aswan, Luxor and Giza - all a bit different; the new dam at Aswan; Valley of the Queens; Felucca (boat) trip in Luxor. 

Camels are at the Great Pyramids = Day 2 = day after arrival, but don't recall seeing them later.

Unless things have changed, the hotel in "Cairo" is actually at Giza, and consequently a long taxi ride from the City shops, and the traffic is hell day and night. Don't expect to have much chance to shop in Cairo except when you're there on Day 2.

Another thing... everyone on our trip succumbed to Delhi-belly at some stage - mostly at Luxor, which we put down to the cooking on the Nile cruiseboat - i.e. not using bottled water in the cooking. Best to take your "Diafix" remedy with you, as well as rehydration powders. If (when) I was going again I would add the latter to every bottle of water I drank throughout!! Better than losing a day of tours. 

You WILL enjoy the trip - especially the tombs - the colours are amazing considering the age though flash photography is rarely allowed (some officials will allow it if you pay baksheesh!!)


Thankyou for you feedback it is appreciated. Will definitely pick up Diafix.

Cheers Paula


Thank you for all the info the trips sound really good

Patricia Harrison

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