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Elephants & Leopards???

Hello! would be great to hear from fellow travellers on this trip - greatly looking forward to Yala NP and the chance too see wild elephants & maybe, if lucky, a glimpse of a leopard :-)

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Hello! Myself and two friends from previous cycling trips are all booked onto this. Two of us are flying out a couple of days early to relax and not be knackered at the start! Another friend cycled in Kerala with the same leader as this trip and highly reccomended him!


Hi! lovely to hear from a fellow traveller.....can't believe that it's now only 46 more days to the start of the trip (not that I'm counting!). Not sure how cycling fit I'll be as the snow has put a serious dampener on any worthwhile exercise at the moment but hopefully there'll still be time for that last minute bike ride?!. I'm really looking forward to the adventure & especially the new experience of exploring a different part of the world (have travelled to Asia-Pacific before but not South Asia). Good idea to arrive early...sadly not an option for me thou - very jealous!!

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Hello! I find that when I answer your post I am sent to where I can only see the original post which is a bit pants really.....Don't worry too much about being fit, I haven't been on my bike since the last trip in September. Did think I might get out over the Christmas break but wev'e had all this wonderful snow... Not actually counting the days yet but certainly looking forward to the trip!

Hi guys, less than a month to go! I have a Sri Lankan colleague in my office and he thinks I'm a bit mad for going on this trip. Then again he did live in Colombo where dents on your car are par for the course! One of my favourite days out on a previous trip was cycling through a game park in Kenya and having zebra a giraffe running alongside me. I'm also looking forward to the Yala NP. Bren - if you are flying out from Heathrow then we are probably on the same flight (leaving 27 Feb)


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Hi Folks,

Just three weeks and I'll be flying out, can't wait! So Hi Ed, will see you on the Sunday. I'm looking forward to it all but the beach days are going to be very welcome – a long time since I had a beach holiday. Keep going cycling these days! But only on holiday, just don't get round to cycling at home....OK, meet you soon!

Hi Guys, well only 12 days to go now or a little less for those fortunate few! Have been following the news on the recent presidential elections closely. Let's hope things don't kick off in Colombo in the interim - got caught up in the airport demos in Thailand a couple of years ago, which delayed departure by a week...not a bad thing really as I was stranded with a couple of lovely young ladies :-) I'm sure everything will be okay thou. Looking forward to meeting up with everyone and sharing a few beers or 33% proof arrack. Looks like it'll be a full group as dates have been withdrawn from the website....see you in Sri Lanka or at the Heathrow Ed (I'll be the one with the cycling helmet strapped to my rucksack) :-)

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Hi Folks,

Soooooo looking forward to some sunshine......well, 33% proof arrack sounds very interesting, but that I thought that was what the Morocans fell over on????????  Ah, but after a google search I see that we are talking coconut arrack here. Sounds good!

I too have been keeping half a squinty eye on the political sceen in Sri Lanka but it looks OK at the moment. We don't go to Columbo so as long as the airport is OK  we should be alright.

So, see you soon!



Hi all, have a fantastic time! We don't go until December, so we would be grateful for some feedback when you return to assist us with our planning!  Really looking forward to it!  

Hi Nikki - You'll have an absolute wonderful time.....probably the best cycling trip I've been on to date :) I can forward you a link to my photos if you like - just email me at [email protected] & I'll be happy to share and tell you a little bit more about the trip. Bren.

P.S. Off cycling to Nepal next & really looking forward to it :)

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