Essential China trip


I'm travelling on my own to China and just wondered who else was on the trip. Travelling down from Edinburgh and catching the flight from London.

I'm really looking forward to the trip :-)




Hello there 


Is it the ACH trip going on the 6th september? 


no, ACW Leaving London on 4th Sept


Hello Dot,

I am on that trip. I am flying from New Zealand.



I'm booked on that trip, actually flying out 3rd September and getting to Beijing afternoon of the 4th. Looking forward to it and meeting the rest of you. Looks like it's going to be hot ( 29-30 in Beijing...)


Hi Deborah and Steve,

I'm really looking forward to China now!!! I've got my shorts packed for the hot weather, Steve. Might need to get some more sunscreen though... hadn't thought it would be that warm in September.

 See you in a few days

 Dot x

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