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Hello.. This is the first time that I have ever travelled alone so I would love to get to know a little about my fellow travellers on this Essential Peru adventure.  I am very excited about the trip, having wanted to go to Peru for a while now. I went to Kenya in 2005 and had a fantastic and totally memorable time there. We went on to Lamu Island after the Masai Mara safari as well (independently).  Looking forward to hearing from you.  Karen


Hi Karen, I'm also booked on this trip and this is the first time that I've travelled alone too!  I've wanted to go to Peru for years so am very excited.  A couple of my friends have just returned from Peru and another is going in two weeks' time, so I'm hoping to get lots of tips before I go!  Looking forward to meeting you.  Madeleine

Hi Madeleine, Great to hear from a fellow traveller. The way this summer is whizzing by, October is just around the corner.  Whereabouts in the UK do you live? I live near Sevenoaks in Kent. I am making my own way to Lima and meeting the Exodus group in the hotel. The, I am staying on in Lima for a fortnight after the end of the tour as some other friends of mine are joining up with me then .. so I will be away from home for a month altogether.  See you soon  


How strange - I'm from Sevenoaks too!!!  I now live in south east London but was brought up in Sevenoaks and my family still live there.  Perhaps we could meet up over the summer?  By the way, are you having a yellow fever jab and taking malaria tablets?  I'm getting conflicting medical advice and not sure what to do!

That is freaky!! Yes, great idea to meet up during the summer before October. Do you come down this way at all? Look forward to hearing from you. My email address is [email protected] and I am also on facebook Karen Viney - same profile pic as here - if you want find me. Look forward to hearing from you. All the best, Karen

Forgot to say, in my excitement, that I have already had a yellow fever jab from when I went to Kenya in 2005.  I have just had a top up though on my typhoid fever jab.. this was recommended by the travel nurse.  She didn't think malaria pills were necessary for the parts of peru we are visiting. Hope that helps


Hello! I am also from kent originally and i now live in sutton, surrey (near london). I have travelled a few times on my before to australia, the last time was last year when i joined a group and camped in the red centre of australia which was amazing. I am getting really excited about our trip now and i cant believe that it is only a few weeks away! I am really looking forward to meeting you both and the other people that are going too. It is amazing how many people i keep bumping into that seem to have been to peru and very reassuring to hear they all loved it! I must apologise by the way for my lack of profile picture - I am not very good when it comes to computers and pictures - i cant seem to work out how to alter any of my pictures on my computer so that they fit the size etc required by the website?! It would be lovely to hear from you and i am really looking forward to meeting you both soon, Andi :)

Great to hear from you Andi. Madeleine and I met last month as she was brought up near to where I live.  Yes, it is very close now and I keep thinking of things I should bring or ask? I am going under my own steam (well hopefully jet engine)  so I will be there a few hours before the group arrives I believe.  I look forward to meeting you in the hotel bar :) Happy packing. Karen


Hi Andi, great to hear from you.  Looks like we're going to be a bit of a Kent contingent on the trip!!  I got back from a long weekend to France yesterday and haven't bothered unpacking half my stuff as I'll be taking it to Peru - so makes it feel v close now!  Are you going on the group flight?  Look forward to meeting you, and to seeing you again, Karen!  Take care, Madeleine


Hi Karen and Madeleine

It was lovely to read your messages. I cant believe in less than 2 weeks time we should all be meeting up in the hotel bar ready to start our adventure! Yes I am going on the group flight - hopefully i may see you at the airport/on the flight madeleine. It is very difficult deciding what to pack and what we might need - i think i am going to have to have another look at the trip notes and booklet together with my trusty lonely planet guide and keep my fingers crossed! See you soon, Andi :)

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