Essential Peru (APD) - 19 June 2010

My boyfriend Ian and I have booked on this trip, very excited. Can't wait to go! Is anyone else joining us?


Hi Jemma, i'm not actually booked on your trip, but the one before (at the moment!) - although subject to change as there's only 3 of us on the 29th May departure so far, so a little bit concerned as it's not guaranteed - may have to change!

I'll be travelling on my own so looking to chat to anyone else going at the same time, though.  Have you guys been to South America before?  It'll be my first time and can't wait.  Looks like such a beautiful and varied country..


We where planning to go the 29 May date, but work commitments meant we had to change to the 19 June date. Fingers crossed your trip goes ahead, but maybe if not you will end up on ours!

Very brave of you to go travelling alone, but I am sure you will have a fantastic time and meet loads of fab people. I have been to Colombia twice before, but just visiting friends. My boyfriend has only done north America, so a completely new experience for him. I have always wanted to go to Peru, but June feels like such a long time away!

Have you ever been on an Exodus holiday before? I haven't but friends have and said they are really good!


Hey Jemma,

Maybe I will! Hope to know more in the next few weeks so I can get it all booked and put my mind at rest.  To be honest I wondered what the age range would be like on this trip -  as it's quite expensive, thought it may put younger people off (i'm 27 myself).  I think it's good to have a mix of ages though.

Yes, I have been on a trip with Exodus...went to Slovenia with a mate in 2007 and had a great time!  Have mainly been to places in Europe so far, once to San Francisco so looking forward to trying somewhere different.  How was Colombia?



Hi Adam,

I surpose the price might exclude some students but you never know. A nice mix of age ranges and backgrounds would be great! My boyfriend and I are middle twenties.

I have also stayed mainly in Europe with the odd other randow country here and there. Colombia is fantastic, I have never met happier people in my life, what ever their circumstances. The countryside is great, beautiful forest/jungle and people swimming in crystal clear streams. I especially loved being able to stop on the side of the road to collect mango's that had fallen from the tree. Can't wait for Peru!


Hi guys,

We're looking forward to our trip to Peru, we've travelled once before with Exodus and had a great time. Has anyone here been to Peru before or are we all first-timers? 

Graham & Claire 


Hi Jemma, Graham & Claire,

 I'm now booked on the 8th May departure.  Really looking forward to it, hope you guys have a great trip.

Leave some feedback when you return, be interesting to see how our trips compare.




Hi Claire and Graham,
No never been to Peru before or been on an Exodus holiday. Really looking forward to it and can't wait to get there. Have you organised your travel through Exodus or are you meeting the group there? 

Hi Adam,
Hope you have a fab time on the May trip, you will have to let us know how it went when you get back. Enjoy!

Jemma and Ian

Hi Jemma, Claire and Graham,

It seems that I am the eldest going on this trip so far.  I am travelling alone. First time going on a treking/camping holiday.  I am American and have been living here for the past 25yrs.  I have travelled to Venezuela, Brazil, Carribean Islands , city breaks and naturally Europe. I highly recommend Yosemite National park and the Grand Canyon. I believe two women in their 30s are also going. I can't wait.  Its supposed to be amazing!






Hi Elba,

I also can't wait to go, it seems so far away but I know its going to come round quick. I will be 26 by the time we get to Peru, its my birthday the day we fly out. I am travelling with my boyfriend Ian, but it will be great to chat to loads of different people. 

Had my travel injections today, feeling a bit like a pin cushion now!

Jemma and Ian

Hi Jemma

 We're meeting everyone there I expect. We organised the trip through First Choice. When we travelled to Morocco with exodus we met everyone at the airport there.

 Graham & Claire 

Saying on all our vehicles and we live by it ONE LIFE LIVE IT

Hi all My wife Penny and myself will be joining you all as our flights in April were cancelled due to some volcano erupting or was it some football club cleaning out its trophy cabinet!. We may not be the youngest on the trip this was a 1/2 century pressie for my wife and a 1/4 century marriage pressie for ourselves. We love to travel but this is our first time in Peru. Normaly driving the dunes in the desert in our Landrover, Beats working on trains all day. look forward to seeing you all soon

Regards Ian 



Sorry everyone have actually made a mistake.  I am leaving on the 19th June however doing the Inca Trail and the Amazon Rainforest. Have fun and enjoy it. 





Hi Everyone,

Its not long to go now, 20 days and counting. Received the joining instruction this week, all very exciting. Our flights have been changed, so we are now flying in earlier than everyone else and going via Amsterdam. Look forward to meeting you all at breakfast on day 2, the hotel the first night looks amazing. Hasta Pronto!

 Jemma x

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