Essential Peru, May 26th, Solo group

Hi everyone,

 Looking forward lots to the Essential Peru trip!  Anyone else out there also booked on the same trip?  Hope so, or otherwise I've misunderstood the concept of the Solos groups!

 I'm not on the main group flight, as I'm going via Amsterdam, so I'll have to meet everyone at the other end.  But it would be good to make contact via this forum beforehand!


Hi Mark,

I am going on this trip on the group flight, Heathrow to Houston then on to Lima.


Hi Dave, great to hear from you!  Wonder how many more of our group are out there? 



Hello Dave and Mark,

Me I am on the group flight too.  Just about to pay my balance now - ouch!  

I think it is time to allow myself to get excited.  





Hi Jackie, welcome aboard!

 Ah yes, the final balance - I did mine a few days ago, so I know what you mean.  It's like ripping off a plaster, a bit of short term pain, then it doesn't feel so bad.  Just the spending money to save for now!

I found that after booking in January, there was the period of initial excitement, then the practical considerations came to the fore.  Getting to the airport, jabs, currency, that sort of thing.  As I work through these, the anticipation of the trip increases again.

 Not been on a long trip like this for some years, so very glad to be going to Peru.


hello there decided for my 40th birthday present id try something new, so here goes life begins at 40. my sister did a lot of trips with exodus and had a great time, i didnt fancy camping or walking the trek so i took the easy option, flying via Paris so see you at the hotel. is it really still 8 long weeks


Hiya all,

Doreen - nice one!  I am also a newby.

Mark - paid yesterday - and yes it did feel like ripping off a plaster!  But now I feel re-enthused and ready to rumble.  Jabs done, think I have my lift to airport sorted, going to apply for my ESTA shortly - as for spending money/currency what is everyone doing?  I am confused what to take in terms of the dollar/neuvo sol thing and whether I should have a preloaded cash card thing or just hard cash. The information available seems a bit conflicting.  

 Take care all and can't wait to meet you,

 Jackie x






Hi All,

From what I have read I think it is best to take US dollars and change some into Neuvo when we get to the airport at Lima. Best to get notes in small amounts like max of $20.


what is ESTA? im not so switched on with modern lingo, lol. money i was in Peru and yes they will take US DOLLARS for sure.

If you are going via the US you need to have a visa and ESTA is the web site to get one, it costs $14. I had a visa from 2 years ago which runs out on Monday so I need to apply for a new one. Details for getting the visa are on the Exodus web site.

ok thanks im going aberdeen via paris as i live in the orkney islands and its easier than going all the way to london, so dont need one , at last an advantage of living in the back of beyond. lol.


Hi guys and gals,

My name's Mark.  Will be travelling down from Edinburgh, but taking the group flight there.  So looking forward to this holiday!

Have applied to ESTA, though wasn't sure if needed, and started to plan the rest of and flights down and back from Heathrow booked.  Just the bits inbetween to figure out...

Would be good to introduce or even meet with some of the group flight people on here before the flight as it is such a long flight over there!

Look forward to meeting you all.


Welcome to the forum, Mark, will see you at the Other End as I'm flying separately.  Got a sore arm this week due to jabs, but worth it in the long run. 

Any more Marks on the trip?  You can never have too many!   :-)

(the other) Mark.

In the trip notes it mentions to ensure your travel insurance covers you to the maximum altitiude and includes helicopter evacution. I queried this with Rebecca and she said we are not on a trek so do not need helicopter evacuation but to check policy for altitude. I phoned my insurer and was told I am okay as I am not on a trek. Colca Canyon is our highest point at 4800 meters. I asked her to update the trip notes to remove the bit about helicopter evacuation. Hope you all find this info uesful.



Hi Everyone,  There are 4 of us coming from Luxembourg - Cindi, Cassandra, Helen & Tekla.  (2 Americans, 1 British, 1 Icelandic ... although we've all lived in Luxembourg for a long time.)  We're arriving 2 days early and traveling via Paris.  We have some tours and a different hotel booked for the 2 nights/days prior, but will meet up with everyone on the evening of the 26th at the joining hotel.  We were the first to book this tour over a year ago ... but are still down to the last minute getting ready!  

 Due to other travels, I probably won't be back on the forum, but am looking forward to meeting everyone!  :-) 

All the best 'til then,



Not long now.  Are you all getting excited?  I know I am.

Hi again Jackie,

Yes, it's nearly here!  I've started packing already, though it's taking longer than I expected.  I'm aiming to pack for dry/wet/monsoon weather, hot/cold/sub-zero conditions, and travelling light while making sure I have everything I need!

Now, where did I put that Spanish phrasebook?  Cerveza, por favor!


hello there everyone, not long to go now....... i spoke to some friends in peru and they say warm /hot during the day but cool at night, started packing yesterday but think i need to downsize and re-pack . light they said. how many days can you wear the same jumper before someone says , yes i think ive seen that one before. lol. oh well what you see is what you get. see you all at the hotel (looks very nice hotel). 5 DAYS!!!!!!

Hi everyone,

I returned home this afternoon (Monday) after an overnight stopover near London.  Hope everyone else has made it home safe.

Had a brilliant time, great to meet you all, wonderful to see Peru, couldn't have asked fore more!  Hope to see you on future Exodus trips!  Now, where next......?



Hi All,

After an 11.5 hour flight, a hideously long customs line and then a 20 minute holdup of security due to a suspicious person before me, I only managed the flight to LUX from AMS due to a 15 minute departure delay on the flight.  But I made it!  

Hope everyone else survived the long flight.  I am already having withdrawal symptoms from Pisco Sours, Alpaca markets and stunning scenery ... but am enjoying life again at low altitude, with no bus seats and sleeping in!   

It was fun meeting everyone and sharing the highlights of Peru, and I'm sure we will be reliving them again via our photos.   Wishing you all many more remarkable journeys!





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