Hi all! There are 12 of you out there booked on this trip as well as my partner Steve and myself!

It'd be grand to hear from you all - we're in the UK, I'm 48 and Steve is 60. This is our first trip with Exodus, though we've done quite a few with their sister Co, The Adventure Company. We're looking forward very much to this trip - has anyone been to Ethiopia before?

Get in touch!



Hello - I'm on this departure as well and am really looking forward to it!  I've been to Africa with Exodus before (fantastic experience) but never Ethiopia.  I am arriving in Addis from Toronto (home) a couple of days early on the 23rd so if anyone is up for an early tour of the city or a meal, let me know.


Hi - we're Caron & Mick, also based in the UK (Essex). Good to hear from you Steve, Ros and Catherine. We will arrive with the main group and are starting to get excited about the whole trip. We've not been to Africa before with Exodus, however this is our 6th trip with them. They do things well, for us anyway.

Has anyone read 'The Sign and the Sea' by Graham Hancock. A facinating read, if your into ancient history about Ethiopia.



Hi Catherine, Caron & Mick; thanks for making contact. We are so looking forward to this trip, our research so far has been all on the internet. We love Africa and have been many times, though not to Ethiopia. Last time I spoke to Exodus there were 17 of us on this trip.

Thanks for the book tip Mick - will try and get hold of that. Steve's thing is to buy a map of the country and mark on our route - he was doing that this morning! (Was thinking of getting the Bradt guidebook - have you seen it?).

Did you see the BBC2 programme 5 days ago - 'World's Most Dangerous Roads' series 2? Hugh Dennis and David Baddiel driving from Addis to Aksum via Lalibela - we'll be doing part of this bone-shaking route......Steve has vertigo and I have a broken coccyx, so this part of the trip will be interesting!!! Not sure if you can watch this in Canada, Catherine, but its still available on IPlayer Caron & Mick if you missed it - definitely worth watching.

We originally booked this trip with our friend Christine - 'the youngster' of our group I think at 38! At the 11th hour her boyfriend Louis was able to get a place on the trip so we'll be a nearly full tour.

Catherine - we normally travel a day early to get over the flight but we went with the trip flights this time as they all seemed really busy; Ethiopian Airways also operate the internal flights, and Exodus were struggling to get these if we didn't fly into the country with Ethiopian. Hope you enjoy your extra day or two!

Anyway...enough!! Looking forward to meeting you!



Hi Ros

 I bought a copy of the Bradt guidebook, I looked into what appeared to be the best guide for Ethiopia and this one came out on top in my opinion. I've had a little read and it is put together very well.



Hi Mick,

Thanks for the recommendation; I've just ordered a Bradt book from Amazon - I went for the "Highlights" one as it looks a bit smaller! Looks like there's a new edition of the main one coming out on Sept 20th - just in time!!

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