Ethiopia in March

Anyone going to the Simien Mountains in March?  Guy


Yes - I am! Booked on Monday, heading out to buy missing kit now. How about you? Are you ready?  


Yes, am signed up but not nearly ready.  still rather uncertain about what clothes to take given potential hot / cold / rain / sun mixture when most of my bag is full of sleeping bag!  have you solved this conundrum?!  



Hi Guys, and Gals maybe! I'm on the trip leaving Manchester for Heathrow and onwards on Sunday. From the Kili trip I did I suspect the weather will be very pleasant during the day, shorts and tee shirt job, but always have a wind/rain proof jacket to hand. The sun can also be very strong as you get up in altitude. At higher altitudes the evenings and nights are decidely cool so this year I've invested in a down jacket. I'm really taking a bit of everything so I've got plenty of layers to put on/take off. Look forward to seeing you all either Heathrow or Addis.

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