Everest Base Camp


Contact me if you are on this trip.  5 months to go and i am so excited!!


Looks as though the trek is fully booked - so there are plenty more doing it, including my son ( who's promised to drag me to base camp ) and a mate of mine. Just check your departure date - should it be Sunday 14th November ? 

Anyone else out there with ( or without ) a bus pass leaving on November 14th ?

Out round the Lake District tomorrow for a short walk - t shirt and shorts though, not down jacket and 4 season sleeping bag !



Yes you are right, departure is 14th, cant wait! Hoping to spend lots of the summer in North Wales, wearing in my boots

Hi again,

now down to 4 months ! Have you collected all your gear yet, if so what are you specifically taking, e.g. down jacket. We've managed to get most gear in the sales. Starting to look at more serious training now ( don't want to peak too soon ! ). Plenty of hard treks lined up in the Lakes for the next 3 months.

How's your training going ?

We know of 4 of us on the trip, you, me,my son and mate. That leaves plenty more as the trip is fully booked, so let's hear from everyone else and what they are doing.


Not long now and all paid so no going back! Have two friends going so thats six. Just sorting out insurance and visa's at the moment and buying layers, although not sure how much of everything to take. Scared and excited all at the same time!!!



There are four of us going. Me, Vicki, Lorri and Brian, would have been five but Lawrence broke his ankle coming of a very wet Snowdon.   We are all paid and ready to go. Training going well - for our ages - well some of us anyway!! 


Hi all,

I booked this trip a couple of weeks ago on a bit of a whim.  Travelling myself, which is not something I have done before, but it beats 'plan b' which was a fortnight in Tenerife with friends!  Don't have as much time as I would have liked to improve my fitness, but living in the Highlands of Scotland, I have no excuse not to bag a few Munros over the remaining weeks!

Hi All
6 short weeks from today ! It's all getting a bit too close now. Think we've bought all the gear needed, just waiting to see if it'll all fit in the Exodus bag !
Spoke to a couple of guys recently who made it to Base Camp, one didn't make Kala Patar though.
Trying to mix in the long walks with short hard ones. Anyone have any tips for altitude sickness, this is the one thing which concerns me, I've heard the local garlic soup is good for this. Not too sure about the breath odour after a couple of days, especially as I see there are a couple of ladies in the group !
How's everyone's training going, who's confident ?
Went to Nepal 3 years ago for low level hotel based walking, think this may be slightly different ! Marvellous country and people.


Have you received the Exodus bag yet? I am eager to pack!!


No none of us have recieved our bags yet, as you say eager to pack!! only 25 days to go!! I've heard that garlic is good for altitude sickness too, who cares about the breath problem if it works....breathing, wether it smells or not will be good! Training going ok, am I confident, not sure really, but will give it my best shot and then some! looking forward to meeting you all.


Only two weeks to go, i just cant wait. Excited and terrified in the same measure!!
Got all the kit, only wondering how its all going to fit in to the bag! will have to wear it all on the flight!
This is going to be fabulous

Less than 1 week before we head off to Heathrow ! 1st weigh in of the kitbag came to 15 kg. Ditched loads of layers and now down to 11.8 kg. That's a bit tight, but not getting rid of the chocolate raisins ! Last decent walk today around the base of Helvellyn, just 8 miles, beautiful Lake District weather ( makes a change). Even my wife is getting butterflies now and she's not coming on the trek! Anyone else getting nervous ? Look forward to meeting everyone, hope not all of you are fantastically fit and more than 30 years younger than me ! This seems like the trek to beat all others.


Totally agree with the chocolate raisins decision!! Haven't even packed yet, going to do that tonight. Yes getting quite nervous and very excited. Definitely not fantastically fit and if you are more than 30 yrs older than me you very definitely shouldn't be doing this!!! looking forward to meeting you all Sunday.


thats all i can say really - so nervous and excited - cant wait!!!



My kit for the trek is exactly 12k - must have forgotten something!! Have got a few things extra that i will be leaving in Kathmandu

Cant wait to meet you all on Sunday - heres to an amazing adventure

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