Everest Base Camp 12th Oct-27th Oct

Hi there

Is anyone else going on this trip in Oct 2013?


jangbu dawa

Yes I am , leading this trek ,,,
I'f you got any questions pls be comfortable , thanks


hello out there ...yes i am in and lookign forward to some good hiking , good company and there better be soem excelelnt views when i get there !!!!  went to kilimanjaro in july but apart from one trip to snowdonia , doen very little since but will get fiter on the trip.  how coold will it be and will it rain...it is raing at EBC at the moment !


excuse the spelling , typping not my best skill lol


any ideas on how much to take on the trip..i assume dollars is the best currencey ??

Hi Jem231...look forward to meeting you!

Take dollars which you can convert to Nepalese Rupees...last time the hotel were able to convert them for us. Also, the hotel on the first night is right next to lots of cashpoints so you can also take out local currency through an ATM.

 Jangbu Dawa...look forward to meeting you too! I did the Annapurna Sanctuary trek last year with Exodus and had a fab time! Look forward to another fab trek!



unfortunately , someone else will be leading this trek , which is a bit sad for me , i am being sent to lead the annapurna circuit
yes dollars, and pounds can be changed , at the hotel or or at money exchanges for better rates

i will be wondering round the hotel , just say hello???
any ways good luck and its a lovely trek , to ebc , u can and must get there ,
till then


temperature at ebc will be around - -5 and for the worst -15 ,,, i have never experienced rain up there , 10 yrs of trekking ,,, but always be prepared and well equipped , thats all i can say , in favour ofthe leader who will be leading the trek

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