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Everest Base Camp 23 April - 12 May


Just wondered whether there is anyone out there going on the EBC 23 April 2012 trip? Be good to say hello and share some pre-travel plans and excitement!



Yes. Can't wait really looking forward to it. First time with exodus so no idea what to expect. You used them before? Travelling from Inverness.



Great to hear from you. We are really looking forward to it and counting down the weeks now! 

We've never travelled with Exodus but heard only good things about them. Someone I work with recently went on one of their Annapurna trips with the same guide we're having and had only great things to say about the trip, guide and Exodus. They've been great at responding to our queries/concerns as well when we have contacted them. It sounds like every minute detail is organised and planned for us.

Are you travelling with anyone? Apparently there are ten confirmed customers on our group so far (I asked Exodus the other day in an email I sent them). I'm travelling with my husband, Rob and our friends, Paul and John (from West Yorkshire). We booked the trip over a year ago and it's coming fast now - really need to step up the exercise plan! What sort of things are you doing preparation wise? We have never done anything like this before (closest thing being climbing Ben Nevis)!


Thats good to hear, in good hands then.

Im travelling by myself, booked mine in Oct. Do a couple of runs a week and also walk/climb the mountains up here in the highlands so just try and get loads of hills done before the trip. Have you got your visa yet? Or are you getting it when you arrive? Any other tips that are not on the website?

Hope the exercise plans go well, take care n chat soon




I am also booked on the trip. I have travelled with Exodus on numerous occasions and have always found them to be excellent, particularly on the trekking trips. I will be in Nepal before the trip as I am going to do the Annapurna curcuit as well. I am currently in Patagonia doing some trekking here. I look forward to meeting you all in April.

Take care, Liz


Hiya both 

I can't think of any tips off the top of my head but if you think of anything you are wondering about Doug, let me know as I've probably already thought/asked about it!

We are all getting our visas when we get there as Exodus said that everyone is in the same queue anyway. One tip they did say though is take a pen to complete your visa form as apparently it's not easy trying to find one in arrivals! Three out of the four of us are stopping over in Delhi for a few days on the way out there so we've had to get our India visa beforehand (we're flying there on the 20 April). I think we then pick the group flight up in Delhi on its way to Kathmandu.

I was asking about food some time ago and Exodus sent me a sample of the menus you can get on the trek so if you would be interested in looking at them, let me know and I will email them to you. Dumplings sound to be quite a popular delicacy!

Liz - I'm really jealous, I bet you're having a great time!! Have you ever done any trekking at altitude? That's the main thing we are wondering about - what the experience of altitude would be like so any tips greatly appreciated!

Interested to hear that you like climbing, Doug. Rob and I are big bouldering fans. Rob likes to climb indoor/outdoor as much as possible but I prefer the safety of the indoor crash mats!

Take care,



Thanks Kathryn, will do. Will just get visa there then and the pen will be packed. That is a concern not a fussy eater but just the unknown!!! You can send menus to [email protected] 

A concern is the weight for the hold luggage 12kg!!? Is that correct? Doesn't seem enough? Or is that just me packing too much Lol. 

Hi Liz

Sounds like your having a great time. Very jealous too. Was having a look at Patagonia the other night and was looking at that being the next big trip, looks fantastic!!?. Take care n look forward to meeting you in April. All the best


Hi all

Im also booked on this trip and know Rob and Kathryn who are also going with me. Really looking forward to it, hasnt quite sunk in yet what we will be doing!

Doug - 12kg is the allowance for the flight to Lukla, but doesnt include hand luggage. So all major stuff we leave in the hotel in Kathmandu, and just take essentials to Everest. 

Look forward to seeing you all, Paul



Thanks Paul, wasnt aware you could leave stuff at hotel. Take care

Hi Liz,

Thanks for that. Can you take choc through customs or do you buy it over there?



Hi all

Doug, I asked Exodus a while back about the food & what we could take over etc (thinking about customs potential problems) and their response was:

You will be dining in the teahouses. Local people will prepare delicious food for you so you don't have to cook anything. Customers tend to bring own snacks to have in between meals (not because the meals are small but because you are trekking all day and you need lots of energy). I took some energy bars, nuts, dry fruits. No problem with customs. Choc bars like Mars and Snickers you can buy in the teahouses (similar price to the UK).

Hope that helps. We are thinking of taking over energy/trekking bars, fruit and nut type snacks etc. Chocolate doesn't tend to do me any good when I'm doing lots of exercise but I find slow release snacks like oat bars etc do the trick nicely!

Hope you are all well and the preparation is coming along nicely. We did a bit of shopping for the trek today, always seem to spend a fortune everytime we go in outdoors shops!

Best wishes


Thanks for that Kathryn

All well n just looking forward to the trip. Break from work will be great!! Tend to stay out of the shops as I have the same issue and always find i walk out with something I could have done without!! Lol

Take care



Hi Everyone, 

Its great to see such an active forum for this departure.  You'll also have a group of 4 canadians along on this trip!  Most of us run during the week so we haven't been doing any specific training and hope we'll be fine.  Hard to believe its only 2 months away.  This is my second trip with Exodus and the first one was excellent so I'm really looking forward to it.  




Hi Mark,

Great to hear from more fellow trekkers!

Whereabouts in Canada are you from? Rob and I have relatives who live in Montreal, St Catherines and Edmonton so we've had a couple of trips over there.

We can't believe it's just over 7 weeks now until we go. In a mad panic that we wouldn't be fit enough, we have signed up to a gym for the last 8 weeks and other than that, just trying to fit as much walking in as possible. I'm sure you'll be fine with the running.

Best wishes,



Hi all,

I just booked today to join you on the trek. 

Really looking forward to it. I went to Peru with Exodus a couple of years ago and had a great time.

I'm also hoping that I will be fit enough for this trek, so lots of time needed at the gym and some hill climbing to do over the next 7 weeks.

Really looking forward to meeting you all in April.



The four of us are all from Toronto, pretty much flat.  Can't believe its basically 5 weeks now.  Too much to get done in the meantime!  Anyways, I'll see everyone there in a couple weeks!




Hi Everyone

I am now actually in Nepal as I am doing the Annapurna Curcuit trip first. Just to let you know a few things that you might be wondering about (these were all the things I was panicing about anyway). I got a visa at Kathmandu - it was pretty simple - just fill in a form, give in your photo and pay (you can pay in sterling and dollars). You can change money after customs at the airport. I changed $200 then. The rest of the money I need in rupees I have got out of ATMS - there are loads and my UK debit/cashpoint card has worked fine. I am in the same hotel now as I will be in a few weeks - very comfortable. There is a supermarket just opposite the hotel with everything you could need - toiletries, chocolate, pringles, nuts etc (it has Lindt and Cadbury's !). Also there are shops in Thamel that sell all the outdoor gear in the world - both authentic - lovely North Face and Mountain Hardware (they take mastercard and visa) and lots of not so authentic. There are also lots of shops selling maps and mountain books.

Hope this helps you all, looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks (that's if I've made it back).

Take care, Liz

Thanks for the info Liz, good to know. Not long now and really looking forward to it.

 I keep looking at the temperatures at Base Camp. Currently its -33C!

 Good luck with the Annapurna trip.


Hi All,

Now our trip is almost here. Hope your all well and ready to go. Really looking forward to the break from the normal hussle and bussle of work and enjoying a trip. See everyone in a few days.

Best wishes 


Hi Doug

 Me, Rob and Kathryn leave tomorrow for Delhi, spending a few days there before meeting you and the rest on the group flight from Delhi to Kathmandu

Really looking forward to it now, its come around so quickly

Best wishes, Paul

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