Everest Base Camp 23rd March

Hi, is anyone going on the Everest Base Camp trek leaving 23rd March, I have just signed up for it and would love to chat to other travellers on this trip.


Hiya, we are going on the 23rd with you. Xmas pud hasn't been great for the waist line so it is fair to say we are worried!!
Only 83 days to go and we need to get fitter
See you soon,
Stu and Emma


I know the feeling I have allowed myself to get carried away with all the lovely food and drink over Xmas. Healthy eating and exercise starts today (hopefully). Thanks for replying I look forward to meeting you on our exciting adventure to base camp, I will probably be the one breathing in a lot to fit into my clothes. Debs


Hi there. I've just signed up to this chat room and wanted to say hello to some fellow travellers since I'm also joining this trip on 23 March. How is everyone's training coming along? Lucy


I Lucy, nice to hear from you. My training isn't based on any set plan or focused routine,  and my diet is a bad as ever, I'm just keeping fit with my running and have got a few routes using some of the local hills planned. I'm lucky where I live its got lots of hills. How about you? is your training going to plan?? Debs


Hi there Debs, thanks for replying. Good to hear there's someone in the same boat as me fitness routine wise for our trip. Despite best endeavours, something also comes up that prevents me from doing more than I'd like to. I live in SW London so hills aren't plentful round here and my hikes are restricted to walking up and down the tube stairs each day! I am swimming and at Nike's Training Club (aka boot camp) on a weekly basis, which is better than nothing I guess. Am aiming to get a few runs in once the weather gets better. So, do you know anyone who has done EBC before and can share any hints/tips on what to expect/bring/buy etc? Lucy 


Hi, yes I'm on the group flight from Heathrow, we will have to try and meet up for a coffee at the airport when we check in, I've not received the kit bag yet hopefully we get them by the end of the month. The arctic is a place I've always wanted to go to, did it involve alot of walking?

Kili was amazing I would definitly recommend doing it



Well the kit bags arrived today so next stop Nepal. Didn't do hardly any walking in the arctic, just ate 4 courses of lovely food 3 times a day and put qon lots of weight!!!!!! Most of the time we were on board the ship or on zodiacs but there was a gym on board that I managed to use once haha.
A couple of reviews are recommending approx £350 for food etc, we were thinking we'd need that just for mars bars!
Well, we think we have everything we need now so just counting down now.
It Would be great to meet up for a coffee beforehand Debs, you can scare us both with Kilimanjaro stories. Stu and Em.


Thanks for posting your email address debs - we will email you our details!

Lucy it would be great if you could share your list when you are sorted, any tips would be appreciated! Our email address is [email protected].

Can't believe it's only 4 weeks on Friday, think we are starting to look forward it. Em & stu


Ladies - have just e-mailed you through the checklist that I'll use in conjunction with the Trip Notes version. Hope it helps. I'm not as organised to have all these items bought yet but that's a job for the next few weeks. Let me know if anything needs to be added to it. Speak to you both soon. xx

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