OK I'll go first. I've just booked this and I think there are 4 of us on the trip so far.

 Looking forward to it, and not at the same time ;-) Everyone I've spoken to who's done it says it's the hardest thing they've ever done.  Figure that you can never train too much for something like this so I've started early - only 9 months to go afterall.



My husband and I have booked this trip,leaving on friday 4th though (is it the same one?)  We both did Kili last year and had a great time so thought we would try another coldish holiday (his idea not mine).  Training wise did a bit but its the altitude that gets you, if it does. We were both ok and didnt take any medication, the odd headache and slight nausia but that was it. So hoping this is going to be similar.

Helen and Tony (45yrs)

My friend Christine and I are also booked to go on the 4th Nov. Getting some hills in before we go and wearing the boots in ! Neither of us have done anything as extreme as this before and are both excited but nervous at the same time.I have been treking in the Himalyan foothills in 1988 many moons ago, pre children and a younger model of who I am now.This will be an amazing trip. I wonder how many of us there will be ?

Fiona Todd


My boyfriend Larry and I are joining the trip on Nov 4th.  Though he has treked before, I am new at this!  I don't think it will be cold, possibly in the AM, but from what I can find out the temps should be like fall here in Michigan.  Warm days, cool to cold nights and mornings.  My biggest problem is packing!  Larry laughed at me and told me it is not a fashion show!  I am limited on the number of shoes I can take!  Oh Well!  Looking forward to meeting with everyone!  Looks like we have 7-8 people here that are going....

not sure what the temperature is like in Michigan but I'm assuming -10c at night!! Just about got all the kit now so just need to make sure it weighs less than 12kg - will never have travelled so light in my life. Looking forward to the first Everest beer of the trip and definitely the one once we've all successfully completed the trek ;-)


Change in circumstances

Hope you all enjoy

Regards Helen x

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