Everest Base Camp

Hi All,  hope you made it home safely.  I got back by 8.15pm and was tucking into fish and chips by 8.30 :o)

 It was good to meet you all and share the EBC experience with you.  Will share some photos when they're ready.  


Hello Guy

Made it home safe and sound about an hour ago. Stuffed my face with fish and chips last night in the hotel too. Looking forward to seeing some of your pics. Keep in touch pal.



Afternoon All,

Guy, Stephen, I have fish & chip envy - jet lag & a lack of planning means I've been surviving on a box of Milk Tray, but at least it's not Sherpa Stew...

Thanks all for making it a fantastic trip, do keep in touch & look forward to seeing the pics!



Made it home OK too (although not until past midnight...). Ah, the delight of spleeping in one's own bed!!! Megan, I thought about you on Tuesday, had a really girlie day (facial cream, make-up, dress & high heels!!!). Had lovely linguini with crab claws, chocolate cake, BEAUTIFUL!!!

Hope you are all well - stay in touch!!


I trust you had a fantastic time and look forward to seeing your pics :) Did it all go to plan?

Hope your Vietnam trip was just as great as ours. It didn't go exactly to plan due to losing 2 days due to bad weather in Lukla. We lost an acclimatization day on the way up and rushed back in 2 days rather than 3. Made the return walk a couple of really long days. It was one of the greatest and toughest things i've ever achieved. Made some really good friends and had some amazing experiences. Here's a link to some of my pics.





Still trying to get my sleep pattern sorted, still too knackered for the gym.  Its as if as soon as I hit my own bed, my body gave up!.     A crackin' time had.  And mostly down to you guys making it so good.   Still, no more waking up to Joe's hairy backside first thing.  Some things are worth leaving behind on holiday!.     I'm bored now.  Want to go away again.  Stay in touch and post some snaps!.

Roland, did you receive the pic i sent. I used [email protected]

If this isn't your correct email let me know. Still have to sort out the camping/drinking trip to Snowdon. 


Thanks for sharing Stephen, and congrats on making it all the way especially as you had one day less in each direction. Did everybody make it to EBC? Only 5/9 did in my trip.


Hi Nigel,

 Hope your Vietnam trip went well.  I spent a month travelling there a few years back and it's the most amazing place.  I'd love to go back, but am slightly scared to do so in case it's changed so much and ruins my memories.

 In answer to your question though, yes all 14 of us made it to EBC - apparently we were only the 3rd Exodus group in 10 years to do so.

Hope everyone is settling back into "normal" life OK.  I have a weekend in front of the computer sorting my pics and hope to have them posted in the next day or 2.  Watch this space...


That is fantastic, well done to everybody :)

Vietnam was also fantastic, lovely friendly people, very safe, great food and everything is so cheap. Looking forward to your pics also Guy.



 I am sorry to butt into your conversation, however I am off to EBC in February and was wondering if you had any good advice for my trip and how to make the most of it? I am thinking about buying things like down coat when I am out there, is that a good idea?

 Well done everybody for completing your trip!



Hi Chris,

First tip is to make sure you take a load of strepsils and cold and flu tablets.  There's every chance you'll need them!

As for buying kit in when you get out there, there are plenty of stores in the Thamel district where you can buy everything you need for the trek - however be wary.  Lots of stuff is fake or a poor quality.  There's genuine North Face and Mountain Hardware stores there as well, but you may run the risk of them not having what you want.  If I was was you I'd be inclined to buy essential kit like a coat in the UK.

Last thing I can think of is to hire your sleeping bag through exodus (unless you have one you're going to take).  Their sleeping bags are very good quality and you;ll save yourself weight and space when you pack.

 Hope that helps for starters, but if you have any more questions I'll pop by from time to time and see if I can help.


Long time no "speak"! It's taken me a while to get back n here.... Was so gutted about missing the trip!!

My back is still not great, but starting to get near the stage of being ale to do some exercise again... I'll be so unfit but am looking forward to it. As long as all carries on improving I plan to book EBC for April 2013... I've also talked my boyfriend into accompanying me :-) So now I'll have a training partner :-)

Take care



Guy, thank you very much for your advice, sounds like some good tips there. I will get a coat in the UK now I think.

My only other question is how easy is it to charge camera batteries on the trek and how badly were your cameras affected by the cold - I am a keen photographer and it is one of my main motivations for the trip so I want to make sure I take the right kit and enough of it!!




Good to hear from you again Kerry.  Sorry to hear your back's still not great, but fingers crossed it improves for a 2013 trip.

Chris, like you, I'm a keen photographer.  I have a Nikon D300s and managed to complete the trek on one battery (I took 400+ pics - I can post links to them if you want?).  I had a couple of spare batteries plus a compact camera with me so had all bases covered.  I would say that as long as you have a spare and keep the batteries warm you won't have too many problems.  Also what lenses are you thinking about taking? I got by with my 16-85mm (good for Kathmandu) and used my 10-20mm wide angle pretty much exclusively on the trek.

 if you have any more questions, please ask.



Thanks Guy,

I am always happy to look at pictures of Nepal so please feel free to post a link! I am planning on taking the 10-24, 18-55 and 70-300. In terms of filters I was only thinking of taking a polariser? I have decided that it probably isn't worth taking a small tripod as I assume the light will be good enough for hand held shots?




Thanks again Guy - it is good to get some first hand advice! I will leave the tripod behind and I will do my best to leave the zoom behind. I hardly use it when I am out in the mountains in the UK so it makes perfect sense to leave it behind - however there is always the "what if I see a....." and need the lens!!

 Thanks again  - now I have got my camera sorted I just need to sort myself out!!!



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