everest base camp

We are traveling to everest base camp does anyone have any tips for us. (what to take etc)

Hi girls, I am very excited, the time is coming and I am sure I will do it with the help of my friends Angela, Paula and Ian. This is the first time I am doing a long and challenging adventure. If this is okay I would like to do Kilimanjaro, but I will see. If you can't understand this message it is because my fisrt language is Spanish, (good excuse, haha) I am looking forward to this trip, and to get to know new people.

Does anybody speak spanish, or italian or portuguese??



Hi Everyone, I'm Dawn and me and my partner Rich are also scheduled to fly out on 12th October (we had flights in in our package).
Not long to go now. I'm already excited and I haven't even had my jabs yet!
Anyway, here's to the trip of a lifetime.

Hi Dawn good to here from you. We also had the flights in our package but exodus arranged a flight from manchester for us and we will meet the group flight in London. Have you and your husband done anything like this before? 



My boyfriend Rich did Kilimanjaro about ten years, but the furthest I've got is the top of snowdon. We are gonna do Snowdon a couple of times before we go to train a bit.
We just booked it because we thought it would be a cool thing to do, just got my jabs this week, we'll be boarding the plane to lukla before you know it!


Hi all you lucky trekkers just logged in to see if anyone was doing this trip. I did this trip 4 years ago and it is amazing. I was 60 when I went and living in east anglia never had any hills to train on but I got all the way as did the other 12 members of our group. One or two never made it up Kala Patar that was brilliant what views of Everest from there. Just take it slowly and you will all make it. I hired a sleeping bag and down jacket from exodus and was glad I did it was really cold at night in the latter stages. It was the same time as you are going and the weather was brilliant, the early days tee shirts and shorts. We never had any rain or snow and the sky was clear and blue, sometimes low cloud mid afternoon but clear skies at night the mountains look fantastic when the moon and stars are out. All the lodges had showers albeit some were outside and electric points to charge up camera batteries etc. The food was good and all the lodges sold bottled water and chocolate. The one thing was at the airport going to Lukla we had a baggage limit of 15lbs or kgs can;t remember which so I made sure my bag and rucksac combined never weighed over. But I could have packed more as all they weigh is your bags no one had their rucsacks weighed. It was my first trip with Exodus and no one in our group could fault them, I have since been to Peru and the same again well organised. Well I hope you all enjoy your trip I know you will I just wish I was was going.

Hi Slim thanks for your post, it's good to hear from someone that has done this trip. It sounds like you had an amazing time.


Hi All,

Managed to get in a couple of climbs up Snowdon on the Snowdon Ranger Path and the Llanberis Path.  Also went to Bournemouth and did West Bay to the top of Golden Cap follwing the coast path.  On these walks we managed to load my backpack with everything that we would have on trek so that we could get some training in.

We have another weekend in the Peak District at the end of September and this will be it before we go.  Hopefully, my fitness levels will be adequate by the time we go.

 Asked about laundry facilities on the way, as we want to pack light and wash stuff as we go.  We can give quick stuff a quick wash when we need to and let it dry outside our room, or on our daypack.  We were planning to wash t-shirts, socks etc as we go and was planning to take about 5 pairs of walking trousers, so I can alternate them to avoid pongs! We're also going to decant febreeze into a smaller spray so we can use this.

Look forward to meeting you all soon, only 6 weeks on Friday :0)

Dawn and Rich 

Hi Dawn & Rich, we have also done a couple of walks up Snowdon over the last few weeks. We usually do the Pyg track and come down the same way. I had a fall a couple of weeks ago on Snowdon I slipped on a wet rock and fell hard on to my back it has been really sore but seems a bit better today so fingers crossed it will have healed by the time we are going. I wouldnt worry too much about being pongy I think we will all be in the same boat!

Not long now it's coming round very fast :-)


Look forward to meeting you all. If you see us at Heathrow come and say hello, you can't miss us whilst we still have our suit cases, mines damaged and has pink and black tape all over it
Safe journey everyone.
Brenda and Clive x

Hi Brenda & Clive, we will prob miss your case as we get there a couple of hours behind you. You will defo know when we arrive you will hear us!

If you look out you will notice Paula and I have the same ruck sack and Ian has a red one. We are all 5ft nothing so just look for four midgets lol

We are ready to go now we all packed on Sunday.

Can't wait very excited, we will look out for you and clive at Heathrow. xx

Hi Dawn & Rich, are you also flying on the group flight from Heathrow?

 Looking forward to meeting you both see you soon

Ang x


Hi Ang,

Rich and I will be on the heathrow flight, not looking forward to being on a plane for that long, the longest flight I have done is just over four hours, I will just have to see how we get on!

Really excited now though, can't wait. Have got the day off tomorrow to sort out the house and pack. Checked the weather and can't believe the difference in temperature between Kathmandu and lukla.

Looking forward to meeting you and the others.

See you soon.

Dawn and Rich

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