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Everest Base Camp - anyone coming along?


Anyone else going on this trip? Can't wait but i'll be wanting to pack the kitchen sink aswell! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


i'm going on this trip and can't wait!!!

i recon its going to be tough but really good. see you all there 


Is this the trip that is leaving Heathrow on 3rd October?  If so then I'm booked on it as well.

I'm taking a warm jumper and some anti-yeti spray!

Final balance paid today - guess i'm going to EBC!!!!

Anyone bringing "black tie" for the evening meals??



Super excited.......  No idea though how to limit stuff to 12kg...



will we need black tie, i hadn't thought about it!! do you recon the Sherpa’s will crease my 3 piece suit on the way?? lol i’m really looking forward to the trip now, i’ve had all my jabs and am good to go. just packing to contend with, 12Kg hum, i’m going to have to be ruthless!!!Looking forward to meeting you all in just over a month, i’ll be the one shitting bricks in the airport so look out for me!! lol



Hi kaz


Dont worry too much about the kitchen sink I went in October 2 years ago it was absolutely fantastic. The 12 kg limit only applied to the Exodus kitbag up to lukla. Anything in your backpacks did not count. I got all my load down to the limit only to find I could have taken more in the big bag as the backpack with all my camera gear and waterproofs never came into the equasion. The weather was brilliant walking in shorts and tee shirts until we got past the tree line. Very cold at nights but with a good down jacket not a problem. Bottled water and chocolate etc available all the way there. Take enough headache pills as i had a headache every morning but no other signs of altitude problems. Just drink plenty of water and take your time, ther was a couple with us who never made Kala Pathar because of sickness one who was always strutting out in front. The organisation was first class and the trip was hard at times but well worth it. You will enjoy it Guaranteed. I was 61 years young when I went first time trekking so no problem. I am off to the Inca trail this October. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.





jangbu dawa

 hello every one

 this is Dawa jangbu lama,nepal

 i will be leading this trek ,,,,everest base camp...

 if you got any thing to know ,,please write tome back , i can help you

sincerely dawa jangbu lama




Had a slight panic about the 12kg limit for a second there! all things bought now, just need some extra thick comfy socks to add to the lovely aroma of the group!!

Thanks for the tips Slim. Its great to talk to someone whos in the know! Really excited and looking forward to it, can't believe how quick its come round.

Hi Jangbu dawa, I'm planning on packing for the absolute basic of things so if you've any ideas of luxuries that you think may be appreciated, please let us know!! I take it hairdriers are out of the equation! 



jangbu dawa

namste kaz24

well nice to hear from you

how have you been doing

well firstly , you can  bring as  much as you need  till kathmandu ,i mean  your  luggage . you can take 12 kgs to Lukla  thats domestic , and you can leave your things  at the hotel  in kathmandu ,that you dont need for the trek ,,

did you get water bottles ?,    gaiters ,,< well i always carry gaiters ,i dont trust the weather .so always be prepared ....well you can get them here in ktm too ..

did exodus tell you about photographs ..get 2 pp sized pics for the permits ..

is this your first time in nepal ?,

warm gloves and hats

 welli guess you are almost prepared ,


any ways take care see you soon

 dawa janmgbul ama



 Andy N Dana here.

Looking forward to our trip hopefully of a life time :) we are just about ready to start thinking about  putting out our kit on the spare bed, then in the bag, then on the scales, then back to the bed and repeat   J Really have no idea what we are in for just hoping the legs and lungs are up for it ...See you all soonAnD



Hi everyone, a little late getting on to this but thought I would say hola!
Uber excited now! Hope next week at work flies by!Just about there with the kit, just need to decide which heels to take ;-)
Looking forward to meeting you all - i'm the one with the dodgy accent!
Take it easy


Well here we all (maybe all) are sat at London heathrow 30 mins to boarding wondering who the other fools are ;)


John & Vicky Riley, Liked the comments about heels and hairdriers. My hair has been shorn. Currently at the spare bed piled high and scales stage, but it is going OK. We learned to be ruthless on the GR20 when we were carrying it. Hope to see you at Heathrow, we will be in the bar imbibing anaesthetic.

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