Everest Base Camp - Can't Wait

Hi all,

Am now booked in and just wondered who else was coming along?

Look forward to hearing from you and any tips if you have them,






hi chris ,did base camp last gear via gokyo. tips , take 2 passport piccies with you, a big alchol hand wash gel,some sweeties, spare battery for your camera as it was costly having them charged further up the trek  you go. a pack of cards , we all had great fun playing them in the evenings, and go at the pace of the middle of the group, it aint a race ,to many people go for it and suffer for it. theres a real treat at base camp.!! above all enjoy its an amazing trip, im booked up to go back ,but a different area. namche bazarr is brillo


Hi Chris,


I'm also booked on this- absolutely cannot wait! Have started gathering bits and pieces, hard to know exactly what to bring!


Hi Ruth,

Glad to hear from you and really looking forward to meeting you. Like you I can't wait, I'm 95% excited and 5% going OMG what have I done!!!

Yes - I keep getting bits and bobs as I go along and then suddently seem to keep thinking of something else!! Not quite sure how we will manage the 12KG limit.

Have you done anything like this before? Do you do much walking over here?

Take care,




Hey guys!

I'm coming on the TNT trek in September too. I'm really looking forward to it - don't think it's going to sink in that we're actually going to the Himalayas until we land in Nepal.

I've been trekking in Costa Rica and Morocco before, but never been trekking in a cold place. I'm sure fitting all the winter clothes in for 12kg will be tricky. May have to wear everything I own on the plane and just take a big bag full of energy bars... ;)

Talk to you soon,


Hey Helen,

Good to hear from you and also looking forward to meeting you. Wearing all you clothes and a bag full of energy bars sounds like an excellent plan!! 8o)

Roll on September.

Speak soon,


Hey Ruth,

Yes - Apparently we can leave the additional stuff at the Hotel in Katmandu and pick it up when we get back which is good news. Just need to try and make sure we pack light. 

 I was speaking to a Mountaineer Friend who has been to the Himalayas a lot and he said it could be quite warm at lower levels as well as cold further up so we may need a balance of clothing. He also said take a strong sun cream Factor 50 plus, as we are so much higher the sun is stronger, and some lip salves. It could also be quite dusty so something to cover your nose and mouth and some really good sun glasses that sort of wrap around. Oh yes and a Sun hat as well as a warm hat!!!!

His name is Nigel Vardy - You can Google him if you like but if you are a bit squeamish, don't look at the Frost Bite Pictures.

Top bloke, who knows his stuff and was really helpful (even to a novice like me!!)

So looking forward to meeting you.


PS - Much as I would love too, I'm afraid I am not doing the Safari



Thanks Chris

Wow, that's a useful acquaintance to have! But yeh- the pics are a bit graphic!

Shame you're not going on the safari- hopefully it will be a good way to unwind after the trek. What are your plans for training for the trip?


Hi Ruth,

I think the Safari will be a great way to unwind but regretably I have to get back to work 8o(

Training wise I have ben going to the Gym 2-3 times a week since January - Initially to get me out of the house, but I am quite enjoying it and its good prep.

As I work in Scotland a lot I have also been doing some "Munro Bagging" and have climbed three out of the 10 highest so far. I am also trying Ben Nevis (again!!) in a couple of weeks. We had to turn back because the weather was so bad last time. We could not see where we were going and, as they say, discretion is the better part of valour. I also climbed Sca Fell Pike at the end of March and at the time it was still knee deep in Snow - Fun though!!

I'm pretty confident I will be OK for the trip although I am a little worried about Altitude Sickness. Nigel said you can take something caled Diomox and my GP will prescribe it for me on a Private Prescription so I may well get some just in case.

This is a realy useful link if you are interested


Hope you are OK,



Hi Ruth,

How are you? Hope the preparations are going well. I did Ben Nevis last weekend (Not the Tourist route bur across the CMD Arete) which was very hard work but also very satisfying.

I had a good read of the article, thank you, and found it very interesting. Unfortunartely I can't take Aspirin so I think I am going to stick with the Diomox just in case.

Hope to hear from you soon,


PS - 4 months and counting!!!! 



Big hello to all, 

I'm relying totally on my fellow team members to carry me up to base camp. I'll do the walk down! This is my first such trip and I'm having to educate myself on what gear to take. I'll get there but if I bring all the wrong stuff promise not to laugh. Any tips would be highly appreciated.


Hi Mark,

I've not done anything like this before either - Just walking over here.

What did you want to know and I'll see if I can help.



not long to go now how is everyones training going  never been on one of these before


Hi all,

The countdown is on! Getting really excited now! Good to hear from more going.

The training is going um, ....ok.....when I do it lol! I am heading over to Snowdon this weekend actually so I'll know better after that how I'm doing! Hopefully the weather holds for it!

Chris- how did you find Ben Nevis?  

Anyone know anywhere to get a decent 4 season sleeping bag? Am considering hiring...




 I've now read all the guidance notes re what to take and I think I'm pretty much there. I'm not sure a down filled four season jacket is required, I've bought a multi purpose jachet which is also water proof and with all the layers how the heck will I get a down filled jacket on!? Anyway if I get it wrong I'll just have to move faster. If I hit any snags re kit I'll bounce a comment for help.

Ta ra 4 now



Aye up our Chris (he's my biggest bro:)!

 No one's replyed for my Nepal trip in Oct yet :( so just thought I'd pop in & see how your's was doing. Not long now!! Only I'm STILL waiting for my toes to heal so I can get back to training. It' should have been 2 weeks of healing, not 5 (so far!). But they're nearly there, so I reckon I'll have just enough time to get my fitness levels back in shape (only doing a bit of yoga at the mo).


oh trust me, 12kg limit is a nightmare when you have my camera & lenses to pack, I've even limited myself to 3 pairs of knickers, lol. (I know this because I had to pack for the trip earlyer this year, just as the volcano decided to blow it's top & cancel my trip)

Really wish I'd taken a photo of everything I had to pack while it was all laid out ready, I just know I'll forget something this time round! 

Just to let everyone know, my kit bag arrived in the post last week. If yours hasn't turned up may be time to give exodus a gentle nudge (or give the postman a slap...). Packing was going well until I realised the book I wanted to take weighs 1kg! Hmmm, think that'll have to stay at home unless it has a secret pocket that can also be used as a sleeping bag...

 25 days to go!!!! :)


Hey Helen,

Mine arrived too- it's blooming massive! I was expecting it to be smaller.

So, just to get this right. We pack a big bag, and pack the kit bag in the big bag. Then we leave the big bag with stuff in it at the hotel and take the kit bag on trek........yeh?

Also, what size day bags are people bringing for the trek? I'm so confused.......lol

What time are people arriving in Heathrow? Is there a meeting place? Hmm, maybe I should go read my notes again.......


Hi Helen, Ruth

Hope you guys are OK? Can't believe how quick this has come round.

Yep got my bag too. I was thinking of using this as my main bag with a smaller one inside to leave my other stuff at the hotel?? Really not sure what to do for the best.

My day sack is 40 litres which may well be too big but I thought better to have to much space than not enough and I'm hoping I can use this as my onboard baggage. I guess time will tell.

Looking to be at Heathrow around 5.30 (ish) but have no idea where we meet. If you have any good ideas let me know.

See you both very soon

Ruth - last time I went on an exodus trek we used the kit bag as our main bag (hold luggage). That got tied to the back of mules (yaks in our case I reckon) and transported along the route for us. The kit bag is usually in place of a big rucksack. Everyone also had a day sack, mainly for drink and cameras, and we carried that ourselves the whole time. I'm not taking any other bags because I'm not travelling on afterwards so should have everything I need with me all the time.

Chris - not been to Heathrow in ages so not sure about decent meeting places. We'll probably spot the exodus bags at check-in.

Does anyone know what happens about airline tickets? Are they all e-tickets these days?

See you guys soon! :)

Ignore the e-tickets question - the final joining instructions have just turned up in my e-mail inbox. It suggests check-in no later than 3 hours before departure, so that's 5.45pm.

Kathmandu hotel looks nice - there's even a Japanese restaurant on site (random!).


Yay, final departure e-mail arrived too. It's all very real now!

Thanks for the info, I have now decided to use the kit bag as my main bag and put a smaller one in to leave stuff at the hotel.....

So I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for more kit bags at check-in and shall look like a weirdo, nervously approaching complete strangers hoping they are actually on this trip.....lol

Looking forward to meeting everyone!  


I'll be arriving around 6pm next Monday via Kuwait. My Kit bag was sent to the UK and my last package of gear has not arrived yet "GULP", its all a bit to close to call right now.



Hi everyone

I am also booked in for the Everest trek - cannot wait to meet you.  Flying from Heathrow on sunday - I'll look our for your tell-tale Exodus bags at check-in...

Did Kilimanjaro last year with Exodus (and had an absolutely amazing time - very well organised, etc) - this is going to be great.  Give me a mail if you need any pointers on what to pack, etc - definitaly recommend a couple of sets of full-length thermals - see you soon:

 [email protected]



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