Everest Base Camp Friday May 3rd- Anyone here going?

Hi there. Is anyone elso going to Everest Base Camp on May 3rd 2013. Trying to find who I am going to be spending nearly 3 weeks with :) 

Hi mate

I'm also going on this trip. Nice to meet you. Currently counting down the days...! Have you been on many treks before? This is essentially my first, hopefully of many!



Alright matey. Nah this is my first big trek. I was scheduled to do Kilimanjaro in June but changed my booking when I saw Kenton cool do a talk about Everest base camp. You flying from Heathrow yeah? Can't believe its this Friday !!!


Hi there, how are you both, good to see that thee are people going on this trip too, hopefully see you both at the airport on Friday.


I am decent thankyou...Got my last bits and pieces Today and got a nice trek up Snowdon tomorrow to add some hours to the legs in preperation for this trek. Hopefully everyone finds each other on friday at the airport. I'm flying in from Manchester at about 4pm , so no doubt I'll bump into someone then :)



Hi that's sounds good, yeah I think we will see each other at the airport, really looking forward to it now, bit nervous though as this is my first trek? Enjoy Snowdon, you have a lovely day for it.


I think we'll be easy to spot. If everyone uses the free Exodus kitbag then we'll be fine ,lol. Snowdon was great thanks. Got my face blasted with ice and doing it all again tomorrow :D


Hi all,

My name's Natasha and i'm with you for the trip.   A friend from a previous Exodus trip (Julie) is going to be with us too so that's at least 5 of us.  

I won't be visible from my Exodus bag as it'll be in my suitcase but i'm sure you'll still recognise me from my muggle looking outfit.  I'm coming straight from work so will be wearing work gear with various trekking items on top just in case they lose my bag in transfer.   

Really looking forward to it.   I had done a very small amount of training then realised about 3 weeks ago I was way behind....since then i've been too terrified to do anything!  oh dear. 

I'm sure we'll have fun


No worries, I'm sure we will spot everyone, I'll have my exodus kitbag with me, as I'm really trying not to take my suitcase as I will take too much stuff with me. Looking forward to it now, but a bit nervous, I think we will all have a good time. See you Friday


It is going to epic. And its 38c in Delhi for our first stop which I am looking foreward too :)


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