Everest Base Camp - how much did you spend on food?

Doing this trip in a few weeks and was checking out the trip notes and it struck me that the daily amount for food seemed a bit high, we went to Annapurna area a few years back and I don't recall spending £25 - £30 a day. I checked out some of the reviews and this seems to confirm it but I was just interested in what other people who've recently been to the area actually spent.


I think that is a bit on the high side I took £500 for the entire trek 21 days and still came home with change! Make sure you go to rum doodles in thamel fantastic place to eat xx enjoy the trek, take it as slow as you can, it soon goes x


Thanks, useful info.

I think we ate in Rum Doodles last time we were there, but it was new year and a bit of a blur!

I just did this a few weeks back, I took £500 spending money and had about £50 left over, I changed £350 for the mountains and spent it all on food, water, showers, wifi and Sherpa tips, I think my morning bill at the tea houses was average 1500 rupees, and then you added lunch and tea breaks, plus a bit of chocolate every now and then (200-300 rupees) and I drank bottled water all the way (200-350 rupees a bottle) and 1 night in the Irish pub cost me 10,000 rupees and I bought a round of Everest beer for half the team and all 5 Sherpas which I think my bill the next morning was 6000 rupees, but it wasn't about the money up there, it was about making it a holiday of a lifetime
Hope that helps



you might have already left, but for future reference, I've done both Annapurna Base Camp and Everest Base Camp and EBC is much more expensive. Food, tea, showers, lodging, everything is more expensive and not as good, IMO.

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